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Jess gave me a subliminal challenge, so here you go ~

Where is your cell phone? on the coffee table

Your significant other? in california, probably having a beer about now.

Hair color? havn’t seen the real thing for a long time, but i’m sticking with golden brownish, i paid for it

Your mother? was my best friend

Your father? looking back he was pretty much an asshole, but he was my dad

Your favorite thing? [favorite things…] the ocean, a perfect cold beer in a frosty glass, not having to scrape the windshield, being healthy, doughnuts and chocolate -or- chocolate doughnuts!

Your dream last night? can’t remember, i’m thinking.

Your favorite drink? a shot of really good ice cold tequila [in a frosty shot glass]

Your dream/goal? being well and healthy and able to do for myself long after i’m retired

Room you’re in? tv/computer/den

Your fear? i’m not really afraid of anything, but i don’t want to be injured and not able to recover fully

Where do you want to be in 6 years? i don’t care as long as i’m happy

Where were you last night? i was in benson at my friend i used to be married to’s house and we were tossing water balloons with lacross bats.

What you’re not? tall

Muffins? chocolate with chocolate chips

Where you grew up?  Eureka, Utah

The last thing you did?  talked to my little Paula

What are you wearing? old comfy birkes, green sweat shorts and a roosters t-shirt.  [OMG i think i have blogged that exact sentence before!]

Your tv? it’s off and it’s dusty

Your pets? simon – sweetest dog in the world, james – fattest cat in the world [see photos below], nikita – sweet little petite cat, hates me most of the time until i’m asleep.

Your computer? old and slow, but i upgraded to a flat screen and got some external memory and high speed and it’s like new.

Your life? it’s what i make of it

Your mood? tired, i’m old today.

Missing someone? yea, i miss my sweety

Your car? white chevy s10 pick up with almost 10,000 miles [nearly 10 yrs old, oldest vehicle i have ever owned]

Something you’re not wearing? my glasses

Favorite store? something that actually carries clothes that fit normal sized people

Your summer? just started and getting better every day, have plans to look forward to

Like someone? i like a whole bunch of people

Favorite color? mauve

When was the last time you laughed? last night watching last comic standing

When was the last time you cried? today talking about the USS Midway in San Diego

Who will do this? it doesn’t matter, but these are always kind of interesting, so feel free! [Allen!]


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this is worth a look from the New York Times

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james, my giant cat…

this is my giant 30 lb cat, james…

that is my foot to give a little perspective.

“leave me alone, it’s hot!”

after his last bath

side view, last week

i think i need to get my old camera with the wide angle lens!

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this quiz  [i got 25]

gotta love dave berry [he just knows everything is illegal in Utah]

and, sadly, George Carlin  passed away last evening.

coming soon, stuff that really pisses me off!






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Whose signature do you wish you could forge?
whoever signs those powerball checks!
What movie could you watch over and over again?
dirty dancing / bridget jones diary / moonstruck
What was your worst fashion mistake?
letting my ass get so big!
What would your clown name be?
clowns are creepy, don’t want anything to do with clowns
Where would you like to go on vacation?
fish lake
What’s your favorite 80’s band?
What was your best vacation ever?
yellowstone ending with dinner at uncle alberts
I shower in the…
shower, duh!
What’s your earliest memory?
my grandpa campbell
What’s the biggest difference between you and your parents?
they’re dead, i’m not
Polka Dots are…
round and fuzzy
I like people who are…
willing to pay it forward
My glass is half…
submerged in the dishwater
Please buy me a…
mercedes benz
Metric or Imperial units?
you talkin’ money or distance?
I’d describe my sense of humor as…
unusual sarcasm
There’s more to life than…
Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson?
for allen’s sake i have to go with jessica alba
I can’t believe I lost my…
train of thought
My power animal is…
james, my 30 lb cat
If I had to spend twenty bucks in the next twenty minutes, I would…
have about 19 mins and 30 sec to spare…
I’d never leave the house without my…
teeth being brushed
Glasses or contacts?
glasses, wish i had lots and lots!
Twizzlers or Red Vines?
twizzlers have been ruined!
What’s your favorite smell?
fresh ground coffe, with a doughnut undertone…
What’s the most annoying song on the radio?
Anything by anyone who was ever on AI

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my dog simon is 13 years old this month, i can’t remember the exact date that i brought him home from the humane society thirteen years ago, so i designated last weekend as his ‘birthday weekend’.   i bought him treats and one of those stuffed long weenie dog looking toys from petsmart, the one that is in the commercial where the lady has to go buy a new one because the old one is trashed. 

anyway i was just sitting here watching ‘last comic standing’, having a beer and eating orville redenbacher’s microwave pop corn…  because i have pets i don’t really worry if i drop food on the floor, because usually way before the 5 second rule has elapsed whatever i dropped has either been eaten by the dog or sniffed at by one of the cats and then eaten by the dog, 

tonight the dog was lying about two feet away from me.  as i dropped a couple of kernels of pop corn on the floor he didn’t move a muscle, he didn’t even make eye contact.  i reached down and flipped them over closer to him so he could eat them.  being the basic slob that i am,  a few more kernels found their way to the floor.  once again, the dog didn’t budge…  once again i flipped the pop corn to where he could reach it….

yes, apparently, my dog has me trained…. i can’t really fault him though ~ he is worth it.  don’t know what i would do without him.  right now he is lying in the hall next to his bed where my 30 pound cat is resting quite comfortably.  it’s just a life of compromises around here.  simon will not, however, let the cat get anywhere near his new toy.

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i got my first AARP Bulletin this morning [yes, i am now a card carrying member of AARP] although the R part of that title is still a few years away [hopefully not more than 3 or 4, like when i’m 60ish].  this is an exact replication [or there abouts] of a letter to the editor on page 33…

Age Appropriate?

Shame on AARP for posing an obviously senior man [at right] with an obviously much younger woman for the May “Good News About Cancer” photo.  Did you even try to find an appropriately senior woman to illustrate the article?  Beverly Shreveland Hawkins, Texas.

here’s the photo:


here’s the response:


Many readers thought so, too, but he is 45, she’s 54.


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