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it is my general opinion that people in utah are not very friendly.  and certainly not very polite.  but today after work at the liquor store i realized that people at the liquor store are very polite.  holding the door open (both the doors actually), saying excuse me, thank you, you’re welcome,  making room in line, holding the doors open again… (if you don’t drink beer and have never purchased beer in a liquor store in utah you won’t be able to relate to this) but one problem here in the land of the stupid liquor laws is that you can not buy cold beer in the liquor store, so when you go home after a long but TGI friday you have warm beer. [this would not be such a problem if i would just buy beer in the grocery store, because you can buy cold beer in the grocery store, but i don’t like cheap 3.2 beer so i go to the liquor store] so you have to stick a couple of bottles in the freezer to get them cold in a hurry AND if you get distracted doing after work type stuff you forget that you have two beers in the freezer until it’s time to have one with dinner and you open the cap and the thing freezes and either won’t come out of the bottle at all or gluggs out and plops into the glass and the carbonation causes the frozen glob to expand and it grows exponentially out of the glass and you have to drink for all you’re worth or it spills over onto the counter [and you end up with friday beer brain freeze]… thus went my evening.

i was wondering while i was driving out of the parking lot: which is more dangerous? someone who has been drinking or someone who really needs a drink?  my advice, always look both ways twice before backing out of a parking stall at the liquor store.  and don’t be a dumb shit, don’t drink and drive.


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barbie cost $3.95 when santa brought her to my house (yea, yea, i know ~ ) that wasn’t the problem, the problem was the clothes – they could run anywhere from $1 to $5.95.  i didn’t get a lot of stuff for Christmas, but i always got something nice.  we didn’t have a lot of money and my mom would always wait to buy the barbie clothes when they went on sale on Christmas eve.  [i didn’t know this until i was much older, but i knew enough to take care of my stuff, even then].  this isn’t one of those tear jerker stories where i walked 5 miles in the snow to school uphill both ways so you can put your kleenex back in your pocket! [ewww]  anyway i was just looking at the most incredible hand crafted doll house that is for sale on an honest to goodness realtor website [enter 3542 in the listing search] and was thinking about how my barbies would have loved to have a house like that. [yea, yea, i know they are dolls]   

i made a house for my barbies in the night stand, it had an open front shelf that made a nice little room, i had some plastic furniture and little rugs i remember.  since the night stand was in my mom and dad’s bedroom i couldn’t leave the house set up all the time, i had to pack it away whenever i was finished playing.  

when i was in high school and my barbies were all packed away in their original boxes my younger cousins would come to visit, i would let them look at my barbies but would never let them play with them.  a few years ago my cousin traci came to visit with her mom and her kids… i told her that i still had my barbies, she wanted to see them, she said she remembered that i would never let her play with them.  i told her she could see them, but i still wouldn’t let her play with them!

barbie clothes were pretty detailed in those days they had buttons and button holes and little zippers and i used to sew some for gifts and they were a bitch to make ~ that’s probably why they cost so much!  my barbie was sophisticated and i shortened her little skirts, but she wasn’t a slut, not like today’s barbies!  my friend janet had a ken doll and we used to play barbies at her house.  ken was seriously outnumbered by barbies, unfortunately ken had no boy parts.  considering the ratio of the measurements on the original barbie dolls, ken must have been one frustrated dude. 

my barbies are still packed away in their original boxes.  the clothes that my mom bought on sale are still there too.  barbie and midge are in like pristine condition, not because i didn’t play with them, but because i think i knew what my mom went through to pay for every one of those little outfits. [and probably because i never let traci play with them] HA!

check back ~ photos to follow.

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Top ten (both good and bad) high school memories – Go! (in no particular order)  extra challenge (try to name a song to go with each memory!)

1.  dancing slow dances in the big gym after the basketball games…. Unchained Melody, the Righteous Brothers

2.  stealing hay and fruit for the autumn ball with Pam when we were juniors…Hanky Panky, Tommy James and The Shondells

3.  graduation night [i didn’t shed a tear], going to salt lake for dinner afterwards, staying out all night long [on whisky hill] and meeting everyone at lucille’s the next morning for breakfast…. jose and edward had monster hangovers!  In the Year 2525, Zaeger and Evans

4.  mr. griggs any song as long as he had a copywrited copy of it

5.  wirth dropping his trumpet while riding on the hood of charlie’s car after band practice [it got run over] and picking it up [it was squashed flat] and saying “they don’t make these things like they used to”… The Stars and Stripes Forever  {*edit*  charlie said it was actually leonard’s car, not his}

6.  getting shit-faced drunk on T night when i was a freshman and randy driving me around until i sobered up [kind of] because he knew my dad would kill me if i went home drunk.  worse the next day with my first hangover cleaning the school under the direction of the senior girls. Wild Thing, Troggs

7.  teen dances at the summitt.  Monday Monday, the Mommas and the Papas

8.  mixed chorus singing the Lord’s Prayer at the chorus festival acappella and getting a “1”.  mabel said we sounded like angels.

9. discovering there was music other than bubblegum…. Penny Lane, the Beatles

10. dragging main…. before school, after school, day time, night time, anytime! White Room, Cream.  Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin

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