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check this out!

on the recommendation of my nephew i watched this….

quite entertaining actually!  let me know what you think…


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i am on vacation ~ i am at home ~

my nephew Allen has no appreciation of old rusty, weathered, peeling crap.  he leans more towards new shiny metal objects [not crap, because his stuff is not old and it is shiny].  i already emailed him to let him know that i was working on two projects one of which he would have no appreciation for [this would be it]…

in a previous blog i mentioned that my neighbor’s girl friend was throwing away some ‘interesting’ old window screens…  well, this is what my neighbor and i came up with to turn those babies into art!   my neighbor’s comment was ” i’ll tell you it looks good no matter what i really think of it….”  you be the judge [not you Allen, you are biased]

i personally think it looks cool [so i added more old crap underneath it] i have a plethera of old crap, just ask Allen.

don’t get me wrong, allen and I agree on about 95% of everything else ~ music, movies, books, politics, family, life, sports, top gear, food, traveling.  he’s one of my best friends.  he just doesn’t appreciate old junk.

today i took my friend i used to be married to for surgery on his hands… everything went well and he is doing fine.  although he has what look like two boxing gloves on his hands.

while waiting for him have the surgery and wake up in recovery i actually read a book [sad to think that the only time i read anymore is on an airplane or during an occasion like this].  i was reading notes from a small island by bill bryson.  at one point i was laughing so hard that the only other person in the waiting room got up and left! [if you haven’t read bill bryson, please do so, it will do your heart good]. anyway, at one point he was writing about looking for a half eaten mars bar in his travel bag.  he found it later, describing it as “…and had the bonus pleasure, when i returned the book to the bag, of finding the half-eaten Mars bar, its leading edge covered in a small festival of lint, which didn’t do a great deal for the flavor of but did add some useful bulk.”  “small festival of lint” i just found that so wonderfully descriptive and the fact that he ate it anyway was hilarious.

i am currently also re-doing my living room ~ i basically gutted it and am now trying to put it back together, this is a project Allen can appreciate because he and his wife just did the same to part of their house in new york.  i have exposed the 53 year old hard wood floor and am contemplating leaving it and having it refinished.  i am going to wait a couple of months after i finish the project though, because i don’t want to spend the money to have it refinished and then decide i don’t like it…  here it is… or was right after i tore out the carpet.

it looks better now, i pulled all the staples out and swep away all the grit from the carpet [ewwww] and mopped it.  the dog was afraid to lay on it and he slipped around for a couple of weeks, but he is getting used to it, i’m pretty sure i will keep it, but still leaving my options open.  i should be able to paint the walls sometime this week.  i am going to get help cutting the molding because i suck at cutting the corners and i don’t have a nice miter saw.

next project, building a new fence collectively with my neighbors on each side ~ that is a biggy!  will probably need more at home vacation time for that too!

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yesterday i manicured my yard.  it looks maarrrvolous…. this morning i sat in my yard under the tree* and had good coffee and a muffin.  i have a giant *linden tree in the middle of my back yard ~ it is in full bloom, which is nice because it is also full of honey bees.  i like the tree, although the smell of the blossoms can be a little much sometimes.  this tree gives a lot of shade. i strategically placed my lawn chairs under the tree to take advantage of maximum shade for the whole day.  i sat and listened to the birds, watched as the humming birds came to the feeders, i was thinking ~ this is probably the last time my yard will look this nice. this is the messiest tree in the whole world!  from now until fall various stuff falls off this tree and it also drips sap on anything and everything that is beneath it.  first it will lose its blossoms, then it will lose some kind of thing that was part of its blooming apparatus [i think it is a seed pod]  ~ then while the blossoms are everywhere and the ‘seed pod’ is on the lawn it drips sap and my dog picks up all this finery and looks like a float in the rose parade for about a month.  he’s sticky and covered in yellow vegetation.  but my yard looks so nice right now! 

my brother in law built a patio fountain and gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago.  i like the sound of it. it is soothing and calming and zen and all that stuff.  i hadn’t set it up yet this summer, because i have [a] busy doing other stuff or [b] lazy.  i took it all a part and cleaned it, washed the pieces, cleaned the rocks and [thank goodness] plugged the pump in before i put it all back together.  the pump gave a gasp of pumping and then died.  i left it in the water for about an hour because i thought maybe it needed to be primed or some such thing ~ but it was pretty much dead… i drove to town and purchased another pump, came home and put the thing back together, it is now happily splashing away on my patio.  i’m sure if i could hear it from here i would be calmed.

my neighbor’s girlfriend has an older home, she replaced the windows, which left a whole bunch of interesting [and old] screens and frames.  i just happened to appropriate three of these and i am going to hang them on the side of my house above my patio. [i guess most people would say deck, but i don’t have a deck, i have a old cracked cement patio that is very comfortable…] i finally decided on a pattern for the screen art and my bestest friend gave me a smiling ‘sun’ yard ornament, so i am going to hang it with the screens.  i worked on that little project for a while this afternoon, but i am too short to do it by myself, so i am going to have to ask my neighbor to help me.  that will teach him to let me look at stuff is in going to take to the landfill!

summer bbq-ing is just the greatest!  especially since i also cleaned off my patio yesterday and this morning i washed the chairs that go around the patio table,  tonight i could actually eat dinner outside.  [i generally don’t like to eat outside because i have an aversion to bugs in my food] but i took a chance.  no bugs in my food ~ buffalo burger medium, bbqsauce and cheese.  there was however a bug in my beer! the beer was too far down to reach the bug. i tried.  [it was some tiny little gnat or something] i couldn’t reach it ~ so i drank it!!!! [was that wrong? what would you have done?]  i am going to chock it up to extra protein… i have one plate, one glass and spatula to wash and it’s not all hot and smelly in my house.  i don’t know which is better the bbqing or the [lack of] dishes!

i watched a good movie last night so check out my ‘one line movie review’ page. 

i think i will go back outside and enjoy my yard, my fountain, my dog and another beer!

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my other cat….

i know, fat james, fat james, fat james…

nikita is my other cat.  she is as small as james is big… she was named after nikita on ‘le femme nikita’.  [the tv show, not the movie]  i call her ‘kitten’ or ‘kita’ or ‘gila’ or ‘ki ki’ or ‘squid’.  not many have seen her because she is not very social.  she is nearly 13 years old and she still won’t let me pick her up.  she loves me though, because at night when she thinks i am alseep, she gets on the bed and sleeps as close to me as she can get.  she has mellowed in the last year though and if i do happen to find her lethargic and napping she will let me kiss her on the head without getting up and running away, looking back at me with giant oscelot eyes!  she even purrs sometimes, although i have to put me ear right on her side body to be able to hear her.

she has become obsessed with the bath tub and water in general. she splases the dog water all over the floor, she will play in the toilet if i leave the lid up [which i don’t] AND she runs for the bathtub any time i am headed in that direction.  she waits at the door for me to finish a shower.  when i get home from work she is sitting in the bathtub waiting for me to turn the water on.  if i leave it on to drip she will stay there for 25 minutes just catching the drips and licking them off her foot.  depending on how fast i leave the water running she can get completely soaked, but she doesn’t seem to care…  she’s a cat!

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james watches wimbledon


2nd rain delay; perhaps a little light reading?

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paid [floating] holiday today, wee haa!

i have already had to look for my coffee twice!

i can watch the birds in the birdbath, don’t usually get to see that.

i HATE crocks [my feet sweat and make weird farty noises], except for working in the yard, they can get wet and if i step in dog poop i can just hose them off!

gawd, my feet are dirty!

nothing like the sound of an effing chain saw!!

how can they make screws so cheap that i can strip the heads with a hand screw driver.  me!

just took my old aluminum doors to the recycling place… got enough money to go directly to the liquor store and purchase some good mexican cerveza for the fourth of july….

it wasn’t a fluke ~ everyone was very polite again at the liquor store.

FYI, LTD has a bus stop directly in front of the logan liquor store!  how convenient!

gonna have some iced tea and then go mow the lawn….

flag photo taken at the maritime museum san diego

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