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i’m in ohio, on a business trip, it’s raining, i have to get up at 5:30 am all week, which on my biological clock is really 3:30 am…. ugh!

i think i like lebatts beer, have to see if they have it in the liquor store when i get back.

i think it’s pretty here, most people are surprised when i say that ~ lots of fields with rolling hills and fall colors…  beautiful maple and oak trees and the houses are amazing.  not like the flat one story ranch houses in utah.  the ones in norwalk look like castles, i think i will check and see who settled there, the houses are unique, but all quite similar. 

go check out the over thinker’s yarnification contest and vote.  they are pretty funny.  oh and vote for me!   (link to her site under wag more ~ bark less tab)

later gator, going to bed as soon as heros is over.


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decaf kahlua anyone?

this post is from 3 days ago, but i never published it…  well, i’m too busy to write a new one right now, so here this one is….

i can’t have caffeine, it’s a medical problem.  i won’t go into the whole story here, but it involved being sick and in pain for about two years, thousands of dollars in medical bills and two trips to the hospital [one in an ambulance]. i really like kahula….  my friend dawny always makes me homemade decaf kahlua for christmas, i bring this up now because i’m cold and i’m drinking decaf coffee with decaf kahlua…  the kahlua is decaf, but it has all the alcohol, so i may start slurring my words… but my stomach won’t hurt. thank you again dawny!!!  i’m sure she would part with the recipe if anyone is interested.

my nephew, allen, moved his blog to wordpress, there is a link on my home page under “wag more, bark less”.  visit him, because i know how lonely it is on xanga, tell your friends to visit him too.

i talk to my dog, i know that’s dumb, but then i don’t sound nutzoid if my neighbors are listening to me talk to myself!  but i ask him stuff like ‘what are you doing?’ and ‘what are you barking at?” he hasn’t got a clue what that stuff means. 

he does however know what these phrases are:

‘do you want some breakfast?’ [we only have one meal in this house, breakfast, so he gets this question whenever his dish is empty and he is standing with his foot in it],

‘do you want a bone’ [not a real bone, i never give my dog real bones, just chewy bones or cookie bones],

‘go get your [insert name here] “fid”, “goober”, “banana”, “blue”, “chicken” ‘ or ‘where is your [insert name here]  “fid”, “goober”, “banana”, “blue”, “chicken” ‘

‘bring’, ‘give’.  

oh and ‘don’t touch my food with your face’

…my all time favorite ‘do you need to shake the weasel?’

he’s old and seems to be going deaf, but i’m almost completely convinced that he just has selective hearing loss!

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A. the guest commentor….

this is my nephew Allen, he texted me earlier and asked “Hey, your blog friends are cool.  Would it be ok if i comment on their posts?  Seems to be mostly women.”  well basically i told him “hell yes!”.  the more the merryier.  so i will let him introduce himself…. yes, jess, that is a mountain dew!

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1. i was born in butte, montana

2. i was born on my dad’s 41st birthday

3. i grew up in a small mining town in north central utah [that’s where it is in the new life elevated tourist guide anyway]

4. i can’t swim

5. i like cereal for dinner

6.  i am hopelessly hooked on general hospital [again after a 20 year hiatus]

7.  i have about 185 movies in my netflix queue

8.  i have a serious crush on robert downey jr. [some may think it is an obsession]

9.  fall is my favorite time of year, i hope it lasts until christmas eve

10.  it took me 32 years to finish college, but i did it!

11.  kathleen the evil barr slutt is my alter ego

12.  i don’t buy cheap shoes

13.  i don’t drink cheap booze and/or beer

14.  three day weekends are better with monday off rather than friday…

15.  i absolutely hate the whole concept of daylight saving time

16.  i don’t exercise enough and i have no motivation to do so at this point in time

17.  with the expert tutelage of my friend jess last week, i put another 512 mb of ram in my computer in under 5 minutes tonight

18.  i got carded for beer tonight by a kid that was barely old enough to sell it to me, not too bad considering i am probably old enough to be his grandmother [at least in utah]. [upon further consideration i bet he just barely turned however old you have to be to sell beer in a grocery store in utah and that was the first 6 pack of beer he had ever sold and he was going to ask for i.d. no matter what!]

19.  most of my male friends will not help me do any sort of home improvement project because they know i can do it myself, they do give advice, but no actual hands on help

20.  i had braces on my teeth when i was in my 30’s and boy was i a bitch at work!

21.  after my very last college class, i came home to study for my last final and the phone rang, it was my doctor calling to tell me i had cancer [that was 7  years ago] [be sure to always always go to have yearly check ups!! no excuses]

22.  i really really hate it when you are stopped at a stop sign waiting for traffic to clear and someone pulls up in your line of site and blocks your view. i was here first arsehole!

23.  i have two stuffed bears, one panda, one teddy, they are 56 years old and still in pretty damned good shape, i got them for my first birthday, have photo to prove it.  when i was 51 i had photo taken of the bears and i, it was their 50th after all…

24. i have never owned an vehicle with an automatic transmission.  actually, i can’t even drive a car with an automatic transmission

25. i hate everything walmart

26. only 10 more to go!

27. my massive computer skills are all self taught

28. my favorite books are what i call ‘killer / slasher’

29.  i sleep like a dead person.  flat on my back. same position for hours…. i woke up yesterday morning and my arm was so sound asleep i could not even move it. couldn’t bend my fingers enough to get the blood flowing back into my hand ~ it was creepy

30.  i would rather clean the toilet than wash silverware….

31. i still use a dictionary to look up how to spell a word [mostly when it is so bad that spell check is thinking WTF???]

32. the top of utah marathon runs down my street, [my house used to be at mile 22, but they have changed the course a little, but i’m still somewhere in the 20’s] i always decorate the yard a little because my brother told me that it helps if there is something kind of comical to look at when you are running a marathon… i was lazy last night and didn’t put any thing out, so i got up this morning and hurried out there with a few things to slap at the edge of my yard.  just as i got out there a wheelchair participant was coming around the corner!  it was richard.  he said ‘long time no see’ and i cheered him on ~ it was great timing! 

33.  i am a rabid usu aggie football fan… [see previous post about my editorial opinion on that, if you missed it].

34.  santa fe, san diego and fish lake are my three favorite places on earth.

35.  if you are old enough to remember “national tequila day” in logan, we are resurecting it this year. t-shirts will be available…. [we are older now and can afford a more discrimating brand of tequila, and we will be drinking out of shot glasses instead of swigging it out of the bottle] BUT we still could end up in jail.

THIRTY SIX!!!  i enjoy reading comments, so if you visit and actually get through all these, say something dammit!

i can hear my neighbor cheering marathoners on ~ gotta go!

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i’m not proud, it is a post after all…. go here if you want to see what your soul really looks like….

mine looks like this:

What Your Soul Really Looks Like
You are a wanderer. You constantly long for a new adventure, challenge, or eve a completely different life.You are a grounded person, but you also leave room for imagination and dreams. You feet may be on the ground, but you’re head is in the clouds.

You see yourself with pretty objective eyes. How you view yourself is almost exactly how other people view you.

Your near future is all about change, but in very small steps. The end of the journey looks far, but it’s much closer than you realize.

For you, love is all about caring and comfort. You couldn’t fall in love with someone you didn’t trust.

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dead kennedys, dean martin

contest!  if you can beat that segue in either your ipod or your cd collection, i will give you a $7.50 starbucks card….  judging method to be determined. 

that would be my entry if this wasn’t my contest, but it is true nonetheless…. i have others!  see below.

pick your favorite and leave your entry…and tell your friends!  to quote dave barry “i am not making this up!”

alice cooper, alison krauss

billy currington, bing crosby

canned heat, carly simon

the cowsills, the cranberries

jimi hendrix, jimmy buffett

lenny kravitz, leonard cohen

nat king cole, neil young

paula cole, perry como

placido domingo, procol harum

queen, queen latifah

reba mcentire, richie havens

sam and dave, sammy kershaw

taj mahal, tammy wynette

tom waits, tommy james and the shondells

vanilla fudge, violent femmes

zager and evans, zz top

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it’s 9-11

and i can’t go to bed without saying something about that…  i know exactly where i was when i heard of the first plane crash.  you probably do to.  it’s not something we should forget. it’s not something we will forget.  i hung my flag out this morning.  i don’t hang my flag every day, maybe i should, but i don’t.  but i remember riding the bus to work in the few weeks following 9-11 and seeing flags everywhere. not so many today ~ at least not here.  i saw on the news, neighborhoods with a flag in every yard… 

i brought my flag in a while ago, before it got dark because i don’t have a light on it.  i remember all the flag ‘rules’.  i was a girl scout for about half of my life.  and a girl scout leader after i was too old to be a girl scout.  i still fold my flag with ceremony and place it away when i take it down.  i know this may sound stupid, but if i die i don’t want someone coming in my house and thinking “she didn’t even know how to store a flag’….  it is folded properly and placed were it won’t get dirty.

i remember where i was when i heard that president kennedy had been shot, i was 12 years old.  i remember where was when i heard that the viet nam war had ended.  i remember hearing about the first plane hitting the twin towers, spending the whole day at work listening to the radio and coming home after work and watching the replay of the day’s events.  i told my friend jess tonight that i hoped that her children will never have to remember exactly where they were when they here something so horrible.  and i truely mean that. 

i hope that you paused today to remember what happened seven years ago, i did.

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