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me: “why don’t girl witches have babies?”

you: [even though you have heard this 10,000 times] “uh, I don’t know….”

me: “because boy witches have hollow weenies!”

you: “ech!”


i carved two pumpkins, one tall, one round. [to keep away the evil spirits for another year] and now i am going to drink a couple of beers and watch “Rosemary’s Baby” ….

everyone have a safe and happy hollowweenie!  arr arr!


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this is my favorite time of year, halloween used to be my favorite holiday, when the sun is low in the sky and the leaves are various shades of yellow, orange and gold i am just relaxed and happy, i love this time of year ~ i must, that’s twice in one sentence!!!  anyway, i was driving home from work this afternoon and everything was all gold and yellow and i turned off of the nightmare that is main street at that time of day.  [now don’t confuse this with freeway driving anywhere in the world, this is driving 16 miles home from work with the last 4 being through traffic that was never planned for and drivers that have no manners what-so-ever] i always turn off and take a side road so i don’t have to fret so much. 

well. people ride bicycles through this crazy ass traffic with crazy ass drivers.  people buy those new retro bikes with the big tires and the big seats and the wide handle bars.  people have baskets on these bikes to carry stuff in while they are riding through the crazy ass traffic.  people dress in neutral colors and flowing fabrics.  people put large brown parcels in the baskets on their bicycles….  people cross the road about a half a block in front of me on said bicycle with flowing fabrics and brown parcels, in the golden late afternoon light.  it looked exactly like this!  it made my whole day….






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Totally stolen from Natalie!

i snaked this idea from Natalie!  with no shame what-so-ever!

she called it ‘wordless wednesday’…. why should i mess with perfection?!

caption this:

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dm2dk “the results”

sorry this is a little late, i know i said ‘this thursday’ last week, but i lied….

here are the results and comments from the crack team:   if you have forgotten first prize was a $7.50 starbucks gift card…. (all comments listed below are from the crack team, not me)

1.    Copeland’s Appalachian Spring….”Boo Sings!” – overthinker


2.    runner up   linkin park – mannheim steamroller Jess


3.      yours DK to DM   tied with   2 pac – britney spears of Anika (which just thinking about makes me queasy) 



4.      allen lost on a technicality, book on tape doesn’t count


now, this is me…. 


the-over-thinker gets the generous (personalized) starbucks card, good for about one and one half cups of coffee… or one gynormous frappuccino!


because this is my contest ~ runner up jess and tie anika both get one tall coffee of choice at starbucks on me, we can make it a togetherness thing.


thank you all for your entries…. we’ll do this again sometime!

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my stats graph looks like the stock market!

blogging is down…. i can understand jess and the over-thinker, they each blogged 30 days hath september and they are both in some other universe right now, but i don’t know what my excuse is.

i was just trying to do a little research to crown the winner of my dean martin to dead kennedys contest… OMG!  Boo Berry does not necessarily equal Boo Berry!  google that and see what you get!  i think the vast difference from each end of that spectrum should get honorable mention at least!

i am going to assemble a crack team of qualified individuals and we will have a winner by thursday…! this thursday!

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