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the view from my front window!





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winter is finally here! [damn!] i wouldn’t mind so much if i could just stay home and have supplies dropped from a helicopter.  but as it is, i have to  go outside ~ frequently.


i went outside this morning to fill up the bird feeders, i couldn’t get the gate open because the latch was frozen so i just threw some sunflower seeds over the fence and came back in the house.  the birds don’t seem to mind they are out there eating and chirping away.

my living room is almost finished… this is what i have left to do with the trim [gawd! i’m lazy!]


then i have to hang stuff back on the walls.  this is a definite option for today because i do not need to go outside to complete it!   

on second thought i guess i’d better go back out and see if i can chisel the gate open, there are more birds out there than seeds at this point!

[i’m back] the birds are set for a couple of days! [i had to use a hammer to get the gate open]

i know i am whining ~ if A & J are reading this they will probably confirm.  they are currently in upstate NY with no power and no heat ~ so for the time being they can’t tell you what a baby i am in the winter. 

it wouldn’t be so bad, but the winters in ‘utah’s canada’ are sooooo effing long!  [and cold] that’s why i was not a bit disappointed because it didn’t [really] snow until yesterday.  i’m not a skier, i am a real bitch if my feet get cold and i hate anyone that has a garage!

but it is beautiful looking out my living room window drinking coffee from my cup with the snowman.

and the puppy doesn’t seem to mind


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dogs again…

i don’t know if the guy with this truck was expressing his opinion of the state of public education  in utah [pronounced ed-u-ca-tion, not edjacashun] or just doesn’t have any kids, but his bumper sticker made me laugh none-the-less, it says: 

my border collie is smarter than your honor student…

life as i know it has changed…. yes, i did it again.  i adopted an abandonded  puppy.  i was thinking about getting a new puppy for several reasons,  one of which is that my old dog is going to be 13 years old in the spring and i need for him to break in a new dog, show him the ropes, if you will.   i had planned on going to the pound on christmas eve,  but last wednesday a guy at my work called to ask me if i had mentioned wanting a puppy?  well, apparently i must have because that’s what someone else at work had told him.   I said, why, do you have a puppy?

he lives in idaho and last monday when it was snowing and cold, a puppy showed up alone and wet in the field next to his house.   he called all his neighbors and no one had a missing puppy.  someone must have just dumped him off ~ that happens a lot in this area, especially out in the county where there is a lot of farm land.  i call it ‘farmer mentality’, but that’s for another post.   anyway maybe someone was using the economy as an excuse and couldn’t afford to feed him so they just dumped him.  i always wonder what these assholes think a dog or cat is going to eat while fending for themselves, but this puppy hit the jackpot because he is now asleep on the floor at my feet!  and his big brother simon is asleep about 5 feet away…  they have matching collars.

i went to look at him on wednesday and brought him home on thursday.


I had to hug the little girl that found him, because she really wanted to keep him.  she looked so sad when she handed him over, but they already have three other grown dogs.

i honestly forgot how busy a puppy can be, i think both james and i will lose weight.  me running after and james running from the puppy.  nikita doesn’t seem to mind one way or the  other i also forgot that puppies have a direct tube that runs directly from their mouth to their butt.  i am now working on ‘regulating’ his functions,  there are rules, he has to go directly outside upon waking and can not have any food after 7:00 p.m. oh, plus i have been getting up twice in the night to let him out of his kennel. [those are today’s rules, they may change tomorrow].

he seems very smart and is not aggressive, but is also not timid.  he and simon are fine together as long as the puppy does not touch simon if he lays down beside him.  he and the cats are also doing fine [which means james hasn’t beaten the crap out of him and for that i am thankful].  with time they will all establish their pecking order, i will fit in there somewhere.

it snowed again today and he loved playing in the snow.  he and simon have been out about 20 times today and have both been dried off about 20 times also. 


here is simon showing him the best place to pee….  [never fails, they couldn’t just stand there and look cute]


here he is yesterday showing off his new collar and name tag.  i looked him up on the internet and i’m pretty sure he’s a chesapeake bay retriever.  i’m taking him to the vet on tuesday, we’ll see what his best guess is.  if he grows into his feet he should weigh about 65-75 lbs i would guess.  his name is dobie.

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it was friday, i had a crappy long day at work, i was going to go directly to the liquor store and buy some beer [for myself] and do some christmas shopping while i was there.  i had to drop a package off at fedex for work before i could go to the liquor store, but it was my second stop….

since the liquor store can not sell cold beer, i had to come home and put a couple of bottles in the freezer and [you guessed it!] beer slushies again! 


i know, i know, i got several suggestions on how to quickly cool beer without putting it in the freezer, but it was [not necessarily the quickest] definitely the easiest.

so, i had a couple of beers and was sitting on the couch watching ghost whisperer when my [giant] cat james jumped up and laid down …. jumped is not exactly what he did, but he did manage to get his body on to the couch and flopped down in his spot.  now james [as some of you may know] is a large cat, and being a large cat he has [some] difficulty [no way!]  in reaching his nether regions for personal hygiene.  the parts of his body he can reach are quite clean, soft and shiny, but the parts he can’t are taken care of by me using a baby wipe.  which he absolutely hates, by the way.

so, i glance at him and think [out loud] ‘you are a scum and you need a bath’.  well before i can talk my self out of it [come to my senses], i hit pause on the DVR, i put water in the tub, get an old water pitcher, some old towels and herd him into the bathroom. 

this is not his first bath and he actually doesn’t mind the water, shampooing and scrubbing part. what he does hate is the drying off part, but when a 35 pound cat flops out of the bathtub soaking wet he takes a lot of water with him.  so in order not to completely flood the bathroom i have to have old towels ready to soak up the water, in no way can i try to dry him off, because [as some of you may also know] he is mean.

ok, so [check title of this post] i think ‘i should take a photo’, well this is the best i could do with one hand.


he doesn’t exactly look like this is the worst thing that has ever happened to him… although he does look a little unhappy.

it only took him about 5 hours to finally get dry and i did chase him around with a towel to soak up some of the excess.  he was pretty good about the whole situation and [allen, this one’s for you] he is now shiny and soft and smells good too!


ain’t he cute?!

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i just spent two whole days in front of the computer at work…. 8 hours straight X 2, except for the ocassional potty break.

i have been sooooo healthy this year that my flex spending has only paid me $21, so today i went out and bought a really nice pair of [bifocal, polarized] sunglasses! i will post a photo as soon as they get here. not quite jackie kennedy style, but pretty cool, non the less.

i am an idiot and forgot to look at my fantasy football line up when i got home tonight and [of course] the chargers finally got their heads out of their collective butts and kicked ass. next year i have a new plan… it involves champagne and dice.

i’m going to bed now and if i don’t spend another whole day in front of the computer tomorrow i will try to be a little more social!

my cat is snoring in tongues again.

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