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lent 2009

i gave up drinking alcohol and eating cookies at work…. [considering i work QA at pepperidge farm] i think it would have been way easier to combine the two and just give up drinking at work!

~ but then i guess that easy isn’t the point ~


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You should check out “You Suck” by Chrisopher Moore. Hands down, it is the FUNNIEST VAMPIRE BOOK EVER WRITTEN!

i purchased 5 of the 6 “dark ones” series by katie macallister ~ i read the first one ~ it’s basically vampire porn….  with the emphasis on the porn, not the vampires.  so because of the recommendation above from my blog friend al and a 40% off coupon at borders and $3.19 left on a christmas borders gift card i stopped after work and purchased this [for $5.73]…


i think i’ll put some cheap wine in the fridge now [i’ll be right back] [i chose a nice alice white lexia 2007] and spend the evening reading…. 

i’m watching a letterman that i recorded last night, want to see mike birbigula [he’s skinny and really hilarious].  barbara walters is on now, she is actually quite funny!  she said that abe lincoln was very difficult to interview [ha!] ~ gotta go, mike is on next!

i’ll let you know what i think of the book.  thanks al!

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it’s a post afterall!

i was tagged by A on facebook to do 25 random thoughts about me…. i finally finished it and i am entering [a slightly edited version here]….

1.       I like chocolate [actually, I love chocolate]

2.       I don’t like Facebook much, too manic

3.       I yell at my puppy too much, but I love him [here he is, yelling back!]







4.       I own over 50 pairs of shoes

5.       I have 7 projects I am trying to complete on this long weekend [2 down, 5 to go]

6.       I like beer, but not cheap-ass beer

7.       I need a new cell phone, the one I have is a POS

8.       I won’t tag 25 people for this, I only have 23 “friends”

9.       I am sick of winter

10.   I finally blogged on my other blog [that would be this blog]

11.   I am a font of useless information

12.   I could not live without my DVR

13.   I have six weeks vacation [minus the 2 days i’m taking this week]

14.   Santa Fe, San Diego and Fish Lake are three of my favorite places

15.   I am not fat I am undertall!  [old quote from a garfield t-shirt, sad ~ but true!]

16.   I hung my American Flag out today and the Boy Scouts also put one in my yard [I think I own them money for this year’s flag holidays….]

17.   I usually eat dinner alone, so I tend to eat very fast without much enjoyment

18.   I need to clean out every closet, drawer and cupboard in my house [except the pantry, i got that done yesterday]

19.   I always pay the bills before I buy food

20.   I don’t make my bed in the morning, but have to make it before I get in it at night

21.   I treat myself to a pedicure once a month

22.   I like to read, but don’t make enough time for it anymore

23.   I need to start exercising

24.   I can spend money faster than anyone I know

25.   Most of my friends are men

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i’m baaaaack!

hey annika ~ this one’s for you…. [well, you wanted something new]

i went to get my hair colored friday after work  [ it’s a secret] [ha!] anyway, my hair hasn’t been this color since i was, oh, about, 25 years old….  we had to go ‘darker’ because i am finishing up a prescription of simvistatin [generic lipitor] because ‘my cholesterol is high’ ~ my cholesterol has always been high, basically because my good is soooo good that it makes my total high.  which has always been conveyed to me as a good thing, my ratio has always been good ~ anywho, i have about 5 more pills to take and then can go have another blood test and [probably against the advice of my physician] i will be discontinuing the medication and eating lots grapefruit and losing 20 pounds…. which makes much more sense to me than taking the damned medication in the first place and having to color my hair darker because when you are on medication it screws with how your hair accepts color.  apparently, you cannot eat or drink grapefruit while on this medication because, basically, grapefruit does the same thing as the medication and you get some kind of double wammy liver thing….  and it is my editorial opinion that grapefruit and diet and exercise do nothing for making doctors and drug companies lots of money so this would not be the advice a doctor would give someone like me, or anyone else for that matter!

i was in south carolina week before last,  it was 14* [“freakishly cold weather for this part of the country”]  when i got on the plane in augusta to come home i said “i’m taking this weather back to utah with me”…  i was greeted with a loud “good!”  it is now 70* in south carolina…  

when i got home, i put all my snowmen away,  i was sick of the cold.  i had left them up after christmas because they aren’t really christmas decorations and they are rather festive….  it was 2* here this morning, we got about 4″ of new snow yesterday. yes, lovely springlike weather.   my plan of retiring the snowmen for this year did not work!!  i’m still sick of the cold!

the dogs are doing great.  the puppy is growing as a rate of about 10 lbs every three weeks.  the old dog is much more active that he was [he has to be just to keep up!]  they also get along just great… [i was going to insert a video here, but can’t find the damned thing in ‘my pictures’ i’m tired of trying for now.  will add it later when i can upload it] don’t leave me any instructions ~ i know how to do it, it’s just that the gremlins are holding it hostage right now.

i am taking a long [5 day weekend]  i have several projects i’m going to try to fininsh while i’m off… that is if i can still read the list, because the dogs spilled my coffee on it earlier!  i will try to write a little more often….  got lots of dvr’d tv to catch up on too!

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