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i washed all my bedding tonight, down to and including the mattress pad… 

beds didn’t used to be fancy, there were cribs for babies, twin beds or trundle or bunk beds for kids and adults had ‘regular’ beds…  sheets even used to come in ‘regular’ ~ rich people may have had larger beds, but i didn’t know any rich people.

my back hurts most of the time and after sleeping on a good but old mattress for about 10 years i bought a very good ($$$$) mattress a couple of years ago from my friend tony.  i also bought a nice ($$) mattress pad for it.  the matress is a queen sized high profile (13 in deep) , pillow top, that doesn’t have to be flipped, just rotated once in awhile.  it requires little garter belts to hold the mattress pad in place.

it’s hot and kind of muggy tonight and after wrestling the pad into place and trying to attach the little garter belt thingies to the corners, i determined it is not any easier to hook a garter belt to a 13 in deep mattress pad than it was to bend over backwards and try to attach a garter belt hookie bob to a pair of nylon stockings.

they do miraculously hold a mattress pad down tough, just like they used to hold nylon stockings up!


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these are thoughts from last friday morning ~

i like to wake up a little early before i have to get up and just find a comfortable [pain free] position and just lay there until it’s time to get up…

this morning i spent my 20 minutes trying to remember the pledge of allegiance ~ don’t ask me why ~ it just popped into my head.

i got the i pledge allegiance to the flag part and the one nation under God part, then i said [in my head] with liberty and justice for all.  i knew that wasn’t quite right, but i could not remember the missing part.  it took me until i was brushing my teeth to remember ~ one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all …

it seems to me that i am not the only one that has forgotten, i forgot the word, seems like lots of americans have forgotten the concept.

when i was a kid, we used to say the pledge of allegiance every morning in grade school.  it wasn’t too long after they added the “under God” phrase because people were still having trouble knowing where to put the pause.  one nation under God [pause] or one nation under God indivisible [pause].  i remember it being uncomfortable trying to say the new part in the correct way, apparently the first pause won out. 

do kids still say the pledge of allegiance, does anyone?  do kids even know the pledge of allegiance or is it only spoken now at citizenship ceremonies? does it matter?

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hello! to all my blog friends [i just checked out my map and i have had visits from 56 different countries….that’s a lot!!]  i also just looked and it’s been nearly two months since i wrote anything new on here except for the weight of my giant cat…. i’m sorry ~ the only excuse i have is that i have been lost in the quagmire that is facebook.  this is what i have learned:

i was born to be a teacher,  my real age is 53,  i am represented by a rose,  i will die dec 9, 2028,  my aura is red,  i am tv mom peggy bundy,   i am cartoon character eeyore,  i had to do the 5 bands i have seen in concert 3 times,  the first 5 cars i owned were a ’68 mustang, a ’76 capri, an ’84 camaro,  an ’85 camaro, and an ’89 formula firebird…..,  i am half utarded,  if i won the lottery the 5 things i would blow money on immediately are a condo in san diego, a condo in santa fe, a new mustang gt, a trip to thialand and shoes…., i am a labradour,  i am ike eisenhower.

i have 43 friends,  i joined utahns for marriage equality, not having george bush for president; i am a fan of utah state university, top gear, monk, big bang theory, mike birbiglia, mexican food, cadbury eggs and jesse james is a dead man…. 

i think facebook was invented for 12 year olds that have no life and no job.  facebook is a fucking full time job!  it sucks you in and you forget that you have blog friends that aren’t on facebook…  well consider me unsucked. 

on the other hand, i found 4 of my neices on there, my sister in texas, an old lover, a few old friends,  and i get to see all the new baby photos of bri and aydin… so there are some high points on face book.

~ just don’t take that IQ quiz [no matter how many times it tells you your friends think you are stupid] it’s just a scam to get your cell phone number!

next time i will write about my real life! [ha!]

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