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july 22, 1914

today is my mother’s birthday.  she was a cancer, my birthday is two weeks from today, i am a leo.  she would have been 95 years old today.  she wasn’t just my mom, she was my best friend.

she called my every saturday at 11:30 in the morning from the time i went to college until she died in 1983.  

i’m a lot  like my mom… kind of head strong and independent.  i can fix almost anything given enough time [ha!].  once in the winter when my dad stayed out at dugway during the week and came home on the weekends, our coal furnace [actually it was a stoker matic] broke down.  we had a really old, small house and the winters were not very pleasant.  freezing ass cold mostly.   my dad was a furnace mechanic and my mom called him and told him the stove had gone out.  i remember her going back and forth between the phone and the stove until it was fixed and we were warm.  she also carried buckets of coal from the coal shed to the stove and buckets of ‘clinkers’ from the stove out to a pile by the coal shed… clinkers were cool, they were what was left in the stove after the coal had burned, they were like a red hot ring of melted coal ashes, i’m not sure of the chemistry, but they looked pretty neat.  [i don’t think i have ever been as warm as i was in the winter growing up with that coal heat]

i was mostly a total shit in high school, i was supposed to be home by 10:30 on school nights and i knew it ~ but i always would stay out late and the later it got the more i didn’t want to go home… the later it got the more likely it was to pass my mom walking to town to try and find me.  she would be smoking a cigarette and since she walked everywhere i could always spot her about a half mile away.  and because i was a dumb ass, i wouldn’t just go home then and pretend i had been there for a while when she got home, i would keep riding around and then go home late and be in trouble.  actually she would be pissed, but i never really got into much trouble.  i think it was punishment enough just to anticipate her being mad…

mom didn’t work when i was a little kid, she was always there when i went to school and when i came home for lunch and when i got home.  all of us kids played on the school grounds which were just behind our house and when it was time to come home at night she would just open the back door and yell my name. [i wasn’t old enough then to be a total shit so i would just come home when she called]…  [well i was a shit then too, but that is for another post]

mom went to work the summer before i went into the sixth grade, i wanted to go to girl scout camp and we couldn’t afford it so she got a job at Gig’s Cafe as a waitress.  needless to say i did go to girl scout camp that summer and my mom worked as a waitress until she retired.

when i was in college i used to go home in the summer.  my dad passed away in 1971 so my mom and i mostly just had each other after that…  we used to go up to a little bar in town called the Summitt.  i worked there during the day and mom and i would go up there in the evening to have a beer.  my mom always sat on the stool by the wall, i sat next to her, she always drank OLY, i did too.  i’m not sure they even make OLY anymore, but if i could find one i would drink it tonight!

i don’t have many photos of my parents and i…  people just didn’t take photos like they do now ~ i think this one is my favorite, on the back it says 11-4-51 SLC missed the train laid over 1 day… i think we had been home to visit and were on our way back to butte.

mom and me 1

i miss my mom, not all the time, but sometimes when i think of something we used to do or see something that reminds me of her ~ i wish her a happy birthday today and thank her for being my mom and my best friend.



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example number 1

my vacuum cleaner would not suck [which for most of life is a good thing. vacuum cleaner, not so much]  i have two dogs, it’s hot, it’s shedding season.  i cannot be without a vacuum cleaner, i was without a vacuum cleaner for 5 days last week. 

i was also sick for 2 1/2 days last week, which meant i was home looking at all the dog hair on the floor ~ when i was just about to go crazy i asked my peeps on facebook [uh] for suggestions  for a new vacuum cleaner [not more than $300 unless it also did the dishes].  4 out of 5 of my peeps suggested a dyson, the one peep that didn’t own the dyson said i should get a dyson animal [because of my pet situation]…

amazon.com has always been very good to me and they have free shipping ~ i was desparate at this point but still too sick to go shopping for a vacuum,  i ordered the dyson animal and paid for 2 day delivery…  at this point, way more than $300 by the way…

i got my new vacuum and i abosolutely love it, i probably vacuumed 5 times this weekend just so i could go hold the removable container over the garbage can and hit the button ~ it was soooo cool to watch dog hair and dirt and other stuff household crap fall into the garbage can without getting my hands the least little bit dirty.

sooo now i have an old vacuum, which because of the dog hair won’t work because dog hair chews the living shit out of vacuum cleaner belts…  soooo i took out the old bag, dusted that baby off and put it out at the end of my driveway with a sign on it that said FREE…  see:dog hair

now what you can’t see from the photo is what else it says on the sign…  “i put in a new bag”, “it needs a new belt”, “doesn’t work well with pet hair”, “if you can use it please take it”  it lasted exactly 2 hours and 6 minutes.

example number 2

last friday i came home from work and opened my [rural on the side of the street] mailbox…  and a bunch of wasps flew out at me and i didn’t have any mail.  on saturday i still didn’t have any mail, but the wasps were still in there busy enlarging their nest or hive or whatever the hell you call it.

since there is no mail delivery on sunday, i sort of forgot about the wasp problem in the mailbox and i also forgot to go buy any wasp spray killer.

so i went out and put a note on the mailbox that said the following: “CAUTION ~ wasp’s nest inside (back) ~ i will buy some spray today….” 

i drove home tonight after work and slowed down to get the mail out of the box and remembered that i had forgotten to stop and get wasp spray [the story of my life]… i drove past my house, went to the store and bought some spray.  i came home, opened the mail box took out my mail and murdered those little suckers.  i just finished cleaning the dead carcases out the mailbox and i removed the sign…

i know, i’m weird!

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