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when i was a kid we weren’t allowed to trick or treat, not by our parents, but by the town.  no one ever told us why and we didn’t argue.  we would all put on our halloween costumes go to the high school gym and the city put on a halloween party for every kid in town. there were games and prizes and treats (an orange and peanuts if i remember correctly), a costume parade and we all had the best time.  my mom usually made my costumes and the one i remember most was when i was maybe in 5th grade and i went as half man half woman.  if you looked at me from the right i looked like a man with a suit and a mustache and from the left i looked like  a woman with a dress and earring and curly hair.  don’t remember exactly how she did it, but it was pretty cool (damn, no one took photos of anything in those days!)  ~ then around 8:00 pm or so we went to the school lunch room had sloppy joes and home made root beer and then we went home…. 

around 9:00 pm after all the little kids were home;  the city sponsored a party for all the teenagers ~ no one argued about that either.  there was a dance at the high school, BUT to get into the dance you had to go through the spook house (set up and manned by the senior class) in every nook and cranny of the old high school… it was nothing for the weak of heart and was WAY before anyone worried about whether or not you might scare someone to death, break a leg falling (or being pushed) down the stairs, send someone into cardiac arrest from ‘the shocker’, or puke your guts out from looking at (real) intestines of some poor dead animal draped over someone in a coffin.  if you did manage to make it through the whole ordeal there was a dance with treats and punch.  i don’t think we were allowed to wear costumes to the dance in high school, we didn’t argue about that either. 

I remember standing in the parking lot of the school being so scared of going into the spook house that we were all about ready to pee our pants ~ i also remember going through the year i was a junior and my boyfriend was a senior ~ while someone was pushing one of the eight graders down the stairs or shocking the living shit out of some poor kid we were making out in the ‘bottom hall’….. 

the year i was a senior i was a corpse in a coffin under the ’10 foot drop’ and some drunk from payson tried to climb in the coffin with me ~ mike drussel saved me while holding  a hand full of slimy animal intestines.   we actually made a slide out of rusty metal to push people down the stairs from the second floor to the basement.  i think we thought that was more safe than just hucking them down the stairs.

to this day i still do not know why we weren’t allowed to trick or treat, i asked my friend pam that today and she doesn’t know either ~ it must have been something pretty awful because no one would ever talk about it.  i think someone must have died or been kidnapped or something, none the less we were much safer getting thrown down the stairs!


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i haven’t been here for quite a while (i’ve been on facebook a lot and i’m having a love/hate relationship with that) and i’ve had a birthday since then…. had a 40 year high school reunion, went on a couple of nice vacations, ushered in the new football season, watched the summer change to fall and now fall change to the pre-winter season that lasts on and off from now until Christmas. 

this afternoon i stopped on the way home and got all the fixin’s for a colonoscopy prep (scheduled for wednesday) drove by the store and bought some juice and broth for tomorrow (also part of the prep) came home and stopped out by the street to get my mail ~  this is what was in my mailbox (no kidding) an urgent renewal notice from vanity fair, a card for me to request important changes affecting seniors about medicare and insurance AND a flyer from Allen Hall Mortuary “secure your future funeral costs at today’s rates!’ 

i seriously don’t know whether to laugh or cry!  i am now eating doughnuts and trying to decide which wine to open……i think i’ll go for the chardonnay (since i can’t drink dark juices until after the colonoscopy).

p.s. my colonoscopy was normal…. good to go for another 5 years! wee haa!!  i hope they come up with some new prep by then because this one made me puke (literally).

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