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i’m leaving the typos in the title, i like them!

who decided that red wine goes in a fat glass and white wine goes in a tall glass?

do you wash meat off before you cook it?  i do, just in case they dropped it on the floor before they wrapped it….

i liked it when you could go into the hardware store and buy a hand full of nails, by the pound, the amount you needed, in a paper sack!

i don’t iron clothes much, i try to hang them up when they are warm out of the dryer.  i open the door, take out a single item, start the drier again and then hang the item up…. is that weird?

how bout this ~ if  i don’t get them out right away, i turn the dryer back on until they warm up again….

FYI: i bought AA batteries at sam’s club ~ they are cheaper at home depot!! damn…

i love the way it feels when you have half a glass of wine on a empty stomach ~ the rose’ cheeks, not so much….

i absolutely love method cleaning products, not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because when you get through cleaning your house smells like grapefruit and cucumber and mint [instead of chemicals]… except for the daily shower spray and that stinks, but i already commented on that to them…. [me and about 50 other people]

i’m too lazy to shred all my shredable documents right now [nothing really confidential, i’m a shredding over achiever] so i’m going to put them in a bag with the dog poops from the back yard, so i you want my personal information you’re going to have to sift through some shit!

i’m hungry, be back in a minute…..

i didn’t have dinner yet, but this just popped into my mind:  don’t forget to put your flag out on wednesday, it’s veteran’s day, and if the asshole didn’t want to go to iraq why didn’t he just give his clothes away and then quietly blow his own fucking head off?!

dogs apparently don’t like celery….

be forewarned! don’t take too big of bites and always chew your food thoroughly… i almost choked to death on some prime rib on new year’s eve a few years ago. [my brother saved me] eating steak always brings back the memory…

now that albertson’s is gone i wonder if i will even be able to buy a decent steak in logan….

gonna go now and watch dexter before the utah state, hawaii game [utah state, hey, aggies all the way, go aggies go aggies, hey hey hey!]

no really, this is how my mind works….


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yesterday morning it was around 60* here at 6:30 in the morning ~ this is very unusual for this place, so in honor of the warm weather i took an emergency half day vacation…  i just didn’t want to be at work and miss a nice friday afternoon [my brain shuts down around noon on friday anyway, it’s just my way of starting the weekend early].

i stopped and bought some items to repair my fence on the way home[which i actually got finished this afternoon].  it is 55* here now, also very unusual.  so i worked outside most of the day.  i have a lot of yard work to do before it snows, mostly have to rake leaves and put summer stuff away, but i’ll get it done eventually, or not!  actually remembered to buy some bulbs and get them planted this year… i don’t usually think about it until the middle of february.

my young dog helped me with all my projects today and just a while ago he threw up a plethora of what he had eaten in the yard… looked mostly like wet mulch and didn’t smell bad and was easy to clean up so he isn’t in trouble…  he’s asleep right now.  the old dog just lazed about enjoying his saturday…. he’s also asleep right now.  it’s quiet, just the noise of the keyboard and the clock ringing in 4:30.

i was seriously going to try to blog more this month… this isn’t much but at least it’s a post!   i’m gonna have a glass of wine.  have a good weekend!

p.s. for those of you who haven’t seen the luckiest puppy in the world for a while, here’s an update….


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