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g’day mates!

i’m in sydney, australia on a work trip and am staying in a nice apartment.  i am at war with the cleaning staff ~  i am on an extended stay and it’s like my apartment so shouldn’t i be able to move the stuff around and have it stay where i left it???


i like to be able to see the clock if  i wake up in the night, in order to do this i have had to take the decorative pillows off my bed, put them on the nightstand and put the clock on top of the pillows. 

i want the garbage can in the bathroom to be by the sink, not by the toilet so that’s where i moved it.

there is a small stereo cd player in the living room, i moved the speakers so they were as far apart as they can be and turned them facing the couch in the living room, so you can get the stereo effect…

i think there must be two cleaning crews because every other day i have clean towels, etc and the stuff is where i left it and every other other day all the stuff n back in the original [hotel] location.  i almost threw a glob of gum on the floor this evening because the garbage can was in the wrong place…

i know i’m an anal bitch, but this is annoying to say the least!

but, then again it’s not much of a deal either!

i’m just tired, but don’t have to work this weekend!


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