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i just stopped by and read a post by the king of new york hacks… haven’t been there in a  while, been taking the easy way out and hanging on facebook.  facebook is fine if you want a quick update of a bunch of shit that you don’t really care about and really good if you get to see videos of your grand-nephew playing with a magazine, or laughing at his dad, or splashing in the bathtub or your grand-niece with a binky and purple sunglasses… [that’s why i got on there in the first place was to keep up on family photos and the like] and then it just sucks you in for hours, but if you want something to sink your teeth into, something to make you think, somewhere to give ‘your editorial opinion’  you need to break out of or back from facebook and write a few paragraphs now and then.  anyway ~ i am back and watch out i may just have something to write about!


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