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dear sally and dino ~

this is an open letter to one of my oldest friends and one of my best friends…. you both left me ~ and if you don’t think we were all connected, it seems [i found out today] that you, dino, died on sally’s birthday…

i miss you both ~ for a bunch of different reasons, but none more important that the fact that i loved you both.

sal, when i went to san diego to see the aggies play san diego state [which turned out to be an ass kicking on their part]  it was the first time i had been to the stadium without you… that wasn’t the most difficult part.  my sweet brother took us to dinner at sally’s and we sat in the [general area] of our favorite table.  the menu [as you know] isn’t quite the same as when we used to go there, but the place is still the same and i missed you being there ~ having a bloody mary and eating  blackened shrimp caesar salad…[without the stinking anchovies]  i had some kind of scallop thing and we toasted you.  then after dinner my sweet brother drove us over to the parking lot by the midway [i couldn’t figure out what was going on] he had a cooler in the [supervisor] truck and he took out some o’doules and opened them ~ when i turned around i noticed that we were right by the hill where we used to watch the parade for the holiday bowl… it was dark and i walked over there with my o’doules and stood on ‘our spot’ and boobed like a baby, i missed you so much!  then a remarkable think happened ~ they started shooting fireworks off of the deck of the midway ~ just like they were doing that for you or like you told them to or whatever, but it was wonderful ~ you know one thing that i really regret, is that we never went to balboa park and laid on the grass with a big pile of one dollar bills and looked up at the sky and bet on what kind of plane would fly over next [like we always said we would]… i promise you that someday i am going to do that and you’d better bet me from heaven, which won’t really be fair because you will be able to see the planes before i do!

dino, i found out today that you died on sally’s birthday, just 3 days short of your own… and you managed to get out earlier than your parole date!  and this time they can’t tack on another 8 years!   i sincerely hope there was a nice stray dog waiting for you on the rainbow bridge and you now have all the things you wanted that you were never able to get in this life…  i am going to write your son a letter tomorrow and see if i can find out where you are buried… i would at least like to know that.  i am [just] a little pissed because apparently you never did let anyone [but me] know what your wishes were.  well, like i always said when i missed one of your phone calls ~ it’s not like i can just call you back…  things are just things and i’m going to quit fretting about it, because it is way out of my control! 

well, my friends, i toast you both, for the things we had and the things we planned that never came to pass.  i cherish all the memories and the love we shared… you were so different and so much a part of my life, i miss you and i know you are both now at peace…  remember when i dream about you, wave and i will wave back!


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