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trust me…. all the philosophy you could ever want or need is written on the inside of the wrapper on a dove milk chocolate… !

do you think if momorn men were allowed to write their own obituaries they would say they enjoyed [some mormon activity] or that they enjoyed drinking coffee with their buds at the local cafe and fishing…?

why is one out of every six coronas skunky???

i have decided that my 15 year old dog [who has been diagnosed with ‘chronic kidney failure’] is going to live out the rest of his days on medication and love and not be taken to the vet several times a week for some kind of treatment… he’s fifteen years old and can still tell how many milk bones i have given him and knows there is an extra one left on the table for him every morning when i go to work…. plus he’s still eating and active and playing with the little dog and he still has the brightest eyes of any dog i know… he’s a little shaky at times, but he’s 15 years old…. ! i love him more than any old dog in the united states of america, probably the world, if not the universe….

posting this now under random shit or whatever tag seems to fit….


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ok, before i start this i want to make one thing perfectly clear ~ i love animals ~ all animals…. this was just tooo funny not to write about.

my old dog is in moderate renal failure and i have had to take him to the vet each morning this week for some treatments to try to flush out his kidneys and to determine how we will handle this from here.  he’s almost 15 years old and except for a little incontinence he is doing just fine…  i took him in to see if there was something they could give him for that because, honestly, i have never changed a diaper in my life and don’t really want to start now… so while at the vet we discuss doing a ‘senior wellness’ exam.  which is a good idea for anyone when they get to be old [like me for instance].  that is how they found the renal failure.

he has never liked getting in the truck, mostly because about 15 years ago now someone took him, his mother and 4 other puppies up the canyon and dumped them off ~ so ~ whenever i have had to take him anywhere it looks like i am trying to steal my own dog… i have to lift him up and shove him in the truck and then jump in and close the door before he can jump back out.  he doesn’t weigh quite as much as he used to so it is a little easier to lift him up, but no easier to get the door shut before he tries to get back out.  i have had to do this three days in a row now, but they are real good with him at the vet so he hasn’t freaked out too much, at least not after the door is shut and we start to roll…

my [his] appointments have been at 8:00 am just when the vet office opens, the treatments take about 10 minutes and the plan was for me to take him home and be to work by about 9:15 or 9:30.

yesterday morning the place was a little busy, someone was picking up their dogs that had been boarded, someone else had a dog in for a nail clipping.  simon was waiting patiently in the corner.  the door burst open and this 20 something girl comes in with something wrapped in a towel and she was crying, red-faced and quite upset.  the receptionist said ” is this the emergency”… “yes the chick”.  inside the towel was a teen age looking chicken, not your garden variety chicken, but one of those exotic looking birds.  at this point i am thinking i hope she doesn’t drop it and simon nails it right here…. it had already been attacked by something, turns out by another chicken.

after a converstion with the receptionist about money and when they would be able to look at the bird the tech transported the chick to the back of the hospital and shut the door, simon is still waiting patiently in the corner, but by now he has peed on himself and on the floor ~ i say “we have had an accident over here”… now i’m sure simon is not the first dog, nor the last to pee in the vet’s office but i still felt bad for him… we get it cleaned up and they put out the wet floor sign and i towel him off and while everyone is staring at us i look up and say “it sucks to get old!”

that sweet girl has calmed down a little bit and the office isn’t quite so busy. now i’m sure that if it was my chicken i would have been just as upset, i get very attached to animals very quickly. but the conversation that followed, just struck me as humerous and it was all i could do not to bust up right there.  the vet came out to get simon, while she was holding his leash she said, “the chick is standing up and is in stable condition”.

i waited for simon to come out, put him in the truck and brought him home… we had a conversation [well mostly me] about how i’m glad she didn’t drop the chick and he didn’t spring up and bite its face off or something.  i told someone at work this story and we laughed about if the chick didn’t make it would they have said it tasted like chicken?

 i was 45 minutes late for work…

i asked this morning and no one knew if the chick made it or not, it wasn’t still there and so i will ask again in the morning.  i hope it did  because i could tell that girl was attached to it and it was just a baby, i have had 15 years to get attached to simon and i’m praying that he makes it too!  we’ll just do what we can.

~edit~ 5-6-10  i had to stop at the vet to get simon’s perscription filled and i finally remembered to ask about the chicken.  it made it, she said they stitched up its little head and it looked like frankenchicken, but it was fine….

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yesterday morning it was around 60* here at 6:30 in the morning ~ this is very unusual for this place, so in honor of the warm weather i took an emergency half day vacation…  i just didn’t want to be at work and miss a nice friday afternoon [my brain shuts down around noon on friday anyway, it’s just my way of starting the weekend early].

i stopped and bought some items to repair my fence on the way home[which i actually got finished this afternoon].  it is 55* here now, also very unusual.  so i worked outside most of the day.  i have a lot of yard work to do before it snows, mostly have to rake leaves and put summer stuff away, but i’ll get it done eventually, or not!  actually remembered to buy some bulbs and get them planted this year… i don’t usually think about it until the middle of february.

my young dog helped me with all my projects today and just a while ago he threw up a plethora of what he had eaten in the yard… looked mostly like wet mulch and didn’t smell bad and was easy to clean up so he isn’t in trouble…  he’s asleep right now.  the old dog just lazed about enjoying his saturday…. he’s also asleep right now.  it’s quiet, just the noise of the keyboard and the clock ringing in 4:30.

i was seriously going to try to blog more this month… this isn’t much but at least it’s a post!   i’m gonna have a glass of wine.  have a good weekend!

p.s. for those of you who haven’t seen the luckiest puppy in the world for a while, here’s an update….


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well, james in on lolcatz, go comment and make him famous!

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once again the brain of the overthinker has brightened my day….  and apparently with a genius late entry [it’s my contest i can change the rules at will] won either a personalized starbucks gift card or a gift cert to amazon dot com….

here is her entry… now i just have to figure out how to get it on lolcats [more on that later]


don’t know about you, but i’m still laughing!

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the photos below are of my fat cat in the foreground my normal sized cat in the background….  i think one of these would be a nice addition to lolcats.  [see more fun cat photos in the previous post below]

contest:  got to lolcats, so you get the idea, then submit a caption for one or both of these photos…  a crack team of tame racing judges will pick a winner and then submit the photo + caption to lolcats/icanhascheesburger.  you will get full literary credit for your caption, i will get full credit for feeding this beast!  [i will research and determine which one is the true lolcats and which one will give us the most press, it’s all about exposure] please specify photo A or photo B when entering your caption in the contest.







prize: you can pick either:

 a personalized refillable starbucks card or a gift cert to amazon.com

contest deadline : april fool’s day 12 midnight

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i’m baaaaack!

hey annika ~ this one’s for you…. [well, you wanted something new]

i went to get my hair colored friday after work  [ it’s a secret] [ha!] anyway, my hair hasn’t been this color since i was, oh, about, 25 years old….  we had to go ‘darker’ because i am finishing up a prescription of simvistatin [generic lipitor] because ‘my cholesterol is high’ ~ my cholesterol has always been high, basically because my good is soooo good that it makes my total high.  which has always been conveyed to me as a good thing, my ratio has always been good ~ anywho, i have about 5 more pills to take and then can go have another blood test and [probably against the advice of my physician] i will be discontinuing the medication and eating lots grapefruit and losing 20 pounds…. which makes much more sense to me than taking the damned medication in the first place and having to color my hair darker because when you are on medication it screws with how your hair accepts color.  apparently, you cannot eat or drink grapefruit while on this medication because, basically, grapefruit does the same thing as the medication and you get some kind of double wammy liver thing….  and it is my editorial opinion that grapefruit and diet and exercise do nothing for making doctors and drug companies lots of money so this would not be the advice a doctor would give someone like me, or anyone else for that matter!

i was in south carolina week before last,  it was 14* [“freakishly cold weather for this part of the country”]  when i got on the plane in augusta to come home i said “i’m taking this weather back to utah with me”…  i was greeted with a loud “good!”  it is now 70* in south carolina…  

when i got home, i put all my snowmen away,  i was sick of the cold.  i had left them up after christmas because they aren’t really christmas decorations and they are rather festive….  it was 2* here this morning, we got about 4″ of new snow yesterday. yes, lovely springlike weather.   my plan of retiring the snowmen for this year did not work!!  i’m still sick of the cold!

the dogs are doing great.  the puppy is growing as a rate of about 10 lbs every three weeks.  the old dog is much more active that he was [he has to be just to keep up!]  they also get along just great… [i was going to insert a video here, but can’t find the damned thing in ‘my pictures’ i’m tired of trying for now.  will add it later when i can upload it] don’t leave me any instructions ~ i know how to do it, it’s just that the gremlins are holding it hostage right now.

i am taking a long [5 day weekend]  i have several projects i’m going to try to fininsh while i’m off… that is if i can still read the list, because the dogs spilled my coffee on it earlier!  i will try to write a little more often….  got lots of dvr’d tv to catch up on too!

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