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it was hot, we paid $20 for parking in rio tinto stadium’s tiny parking lot [big mistake, more on that later], got out of the truck and paul mccartney was doing his sound check [right then]  ~bonus! stood in the hot sun and listened…. it was hot, but that was cool.

walked to nearby jordon commons to have dinner, decided on the mayan [big mistake, more on that now]… eating at the mayan is like eating in a cave, it’s dark, it’s dreary, the atmosphere sux, there is a live ‘show’ of half to three quarters naked young men and women diving off the plastic rock cliffs into a plastic rock pond. [not complaining here you should have seen the six pack on this kid] [i’m sure he was at least 18 so don’t call the authorities].  so while it is too dark to see what you are eating you also have to worry about getting splashed by water from the plastic rock pond.  on a positive note, the food was very good, i would eat it again, i just wouldn’t  eat it again in the mayan… AND larry h. miller must have spent a lot of money on coolers because the beer was coooold, really cold, like frosty cold, thanks larry.  it was hot and the beer was cooold.

it’s utah and of course the concert started late, tickets said 7:30 and the concert started at about 8:05 ~ i don’t know if they lied on the tickets to make sure everyone got there on time or what, but since we had nosebleed seats [but pretty good ones] we were in the sun for most of the time prior to the concert starting.  we bought some bottled water from a woman outside “jim’s diner” a little dive a little north of 9400 on state street… [i would like to go check this place out sometime… looked very interesting].  that water saved our lives since they had water in the venue, but the lines were very long and the only thing they were selling inside the stadium was budweiser for $9 a glass [it was a very large glass, didn’t i  buy any cuz nothing says refreshment like a piss warm, flat budweiser]… water in front of  jim’s $1, that was cool.

paul mccartney was absolutely amazing… he played for 3 hours and 15 minutes, never left the stage [actually i don’t think he ever even had a drink of water]…. he played his stuff, the beatles stuff, a little jimi hendrix, wings stuff, new stuff, told stories, talked to the crowd, asked ‘do you wonder why we are using so many guitars?’  “….we’re just showing off.”   he looks like he is still enjoying himself,  if the crowd was really into a song [singing along] he would just keep playing and we would just keep on singing….  he did three encores!  he slowed everything down [twice] and then came back and played ‘helter skelter’.   he told why he wrote ‘blackbird’ [civil rights in arkansas in the ’60s]. he talked about writing ‘my love does it good’ for linda, he talked about writing a song for john about a conversation they would never have and that we should always take the time to tell someone ‘i love you’…

my favorite song of the night was ‘let it be’.  ‘give peace a chance’ maybe a close second.  most fun ~ ‘ O bla de O bla dah’…  he was amazing, amazing!! best concert of my young life and i’m not that young and  i’ve been to a lot of concerts!  best $46 investment i’ve ever made.  that was cool!

when we left the concert there were still folks selling $1 bottles of water in front of jim’s [don’t tell them,  but at that point i would have paid them 5!]


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it was friday, i had a crappy long day at work, i was going to go directly to the liquor store and buy some beer [for myself] and do some christmas shopping while i was there.  i had to drop a package off at fedex for work before i could go to the liquor store, but it was my second stop….

since the liquor store can not sell cold beer, i had to come home and put a couple of bottles in the freezer and [you guessed it!] beer slushies again! 


i know, i know, i got several suggestions on how to quickly cool beer without putting it in the freezer, but it was [not necessarily the quickest] definitely the easiest.

so, i had a couple of beers and was sitting on the couch watching ghost whisperer when my [giant] cat james jumped up and laid down …. jumped is not exactly what he did, but he did manage to get his body on to the couch and flopped down in his spot.  now james [as some of you may know] is a large cat, and being a large cat he has [some] difficulty [no way!]  in reaching his nether regions for personal hygiene.  the parts of his body he can reach are quite clean, soft and shiny, but the parts he can’t are taken care of by me using a baby wipe.  which he absolutely hates, by the way.

so, i glance at him and think [out loud] ‘you are a scum and you need a bath’.  well before i can talk my self out of it [come to my senses], i hit pause on the DVR, i put water in the tub, get an old water pitcher, some old towels and herd him into the bathroom. 

this is not his first bath and he actually doesn’t mind the water, shampooing and scrubbing part. what he does hate is the drying off part, but when a 35 pound cat flops out of the bathtub soaking wet he takes a lot of water with him.  so in order not to completely flood the bathroom i have to have old towels ready to soak up the water, in no way can i try to dry him off, because [as some of you may also know] he is mean.

ok, so [check title of this post] i think ‘i should take a photo’, well this is the best i could do with one hand.


he doesn’t exactly look like this is the worst thing that has ever happened to him… although he does look a little unhappy.

it only took him about 5 hours to finally get dry and i did chase him around with a towel to soak up some of the excess.  he was pretty good about the whole situation and [allen, this one’s for you] he is now shiny and soft and smells good too!


ain’t he cute?!

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me: “why don’t girl witches have babies?”

you: [even though you have heard this 10,000 times] “uh, I don’t know….”

me: “because boy witches have hollow weenies!”

you: “ech!”


i carved two pumpkins, one tall, one round. [to keep away the evil spirits for another year] and now i am going to drink a couple of beers and watch “Rosemary’s Baby” ….

everyone have a safe and happy hollowweenie!  arr arr!

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yesterday i manicured my yard.  it looks maarrrvolous…. this morning i sat in my yard under the tree* and had good coffee and a muffin.  i have a giant *linden tree in the middle of my back yard ~ it is in full bloom, which is nice because it is also full of honey bees.  i like the tree, although the smell of the blossoms can be a little much sometimes.  this tree gives a lot of shade. i strategically placed my lawn chairs under the tree to take advantage of maximum shade for the whole day.  i sat and listened to the birds, watched as the humming birds came to the feeders, i was thinking ~ this is probably the last time my yard will look this nice. this is the messiest tree in the whole world!  from now until fall various stuff falls off this tree and it also drips sap on anything and everything that is beneath it.  first it will lose its blossoms, then it will lose some kind of thing that was part of its blooming apparatus [i think it is a seed pod]  ~ then while the blossoms are everywhere and the ‘seed pod’ is on the lawn it drips sap and my dog picks up all this finery and looks like a float in the rose parade for about a month.  he’s sticky and covered in yellow vegetation.  but my yard looks so nice right now! 

my brother in law built a patio fountain and gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago.  i like the sound of it. it is soothing and calming and zen and all that stuff.  i hadn’t set it up yet this summer, because i have [a] busy doing other stuff or [b] lazy.  i took it all a part and cleaned it, washed the pieces, cleaned the rocks and [thank goodness] plugged the pump in before i put it all back together.  the pump gave a gasp of pumping and then died.  i left it in the water for about an hour because i thought maybe it needed to be primed or some such thing ~ but it was pretty much dead… i drove to town and purchased another pump, came home and put the thing back together, it is now happily splashing away on my patio.  i’m sure if i could hear it from here i would be calmed.

my neighbor’s girlfriend has an older home, she replaced the windows, which left a whole bunch of interesting [and old] screens and frames.  i just happened to appropriate three of these and i am going to hang them on the side of my house above my patio. [i guess most people would say deck, but i don’t have a deck, i have a old cracked cement patio that is very comfortable…] i finally decided on a pattern for the screen art and my bestest friend gave me a smiling ‘sun’ yard ornament, so i am going to hang it with the screens.  i worked on that little project for a while this afternoon, but i am too short to do it by myself, so i am going to have to ask my neighbor to help me.  that will teach him to let me look at stuff is in going to take to the landfill!

summer bbq-ing is just the greatest!  especially since i also cleaned off my patio yesterday and this morning i washed the chairs that go around the patio table,  tonight i could actually eat dinner outside.  [i generally don’t like to eat outside because i have an aversion to bugs in my food] but i took a chance.  no bugs in my food ~ buffalo burger medium, bbqsauce and cheese.  there was however a bug in my beer! the beer was too far down to reach the bug. i tried.  [it was some tiny little gnat or something] i couldn’t reach it ~ so i drank it!!!! [was that wrong? what would you have done?]  i am going to chock it up to extra protein… i have one plate, one glass and spatula to wash and it’s not all hot and smelly in my house.  i don’t know which is better the bbqing or the [lack of] dishes!

i watched a good movie last night so check out my ‘one line movie review’ page. 

i think i will go back outside and enjoy my yard, my fountain, my dog and another beer!

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it is my general opinion that people in utah are not very friendly.  and certainly not very polite.  but today after work at the liquor store i realized that people at the liquor store are very polite.  holding the door open (both the doors actually), saying excuse me, thank you, you’re welcome,  making room in line, holding the doors open again… (if you don’t drink beer and have never purchased beer in a liquor store in utah you won’t be able to relate to this) but one problem here in the land of the stupid liquor laws is that you can not buy cold beer in the liquor store, so when you go home after a long but TGI friday you have warm beer. [this would not be such a problem if i would just buy beer in the grocery store, because you can buy cold beer in the grocery store, but i don’t like cheap 3.2 beer so i go to the liquor store] so you have to stick a couple of bottles in the freezer to get them cold in a hurry AND if you get distracted doing after work type stuff you forget that you have two beers in the freezer until it’s time to have one with dinner and you open the cap and the thing freezes and either won’t come out of the bottle at all or gluggs out and plops into the glass and the carbonation causes the frozen glob to expand and it grows exponentially out of the glass and you have to drink for all you’re worth or it spills over onto the counter [and you end up with friday beer brain freeze]… thus went my evening.

i was wondering while i was driving out of the parking lot: which is more dangerous? someone who has been drinking or someone who really needs a drink?  my advice, always look both ways twice before backing out of a parking stall at the liquor store.  and don’t be a dumb shit, don’t drink and drive.

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today was one long ass work day… i had worked {what seemed like} 14 hours and it was only 11:20 am. then i worked [what seemed like} another 14 hours and it was 2:20 pm and it was FRIDAY, one long ass day!  i have got to figure out how to put photos on here, can’t be that difficult. i have all my photos on an external drive because my computer was so full of music and photos it was pissing me off by running slow.  not just middle of the afternoon, all the accountants are on the computer at work slow, it was aggravating.  then i would get impatient and click five or six other things and then it would just mock me by freezing up…  so to get back to the photo thing, i have to search for an interesting photo to put on this new blog.  i think i will upload the photo of my dog to finish off the post about his going to / from the vet.  it lent a better ending to the whole thing.  i did it! photo is a year old, he’s way greyer now than he was then ~ come to think of it, so am i! {i have the advantage of better living through chemistry in that department, not taking the dog to have his hair colored!} although that would be an interesting post.

i watched a movie last night ~ robert altman’s masterpiece “short cuts” which turned out to be an oxymoron since the damned thing was 3 hours and 15 mins long!  it was well directed, well acted, good cast, but i waited and waited to care about those people and i never really did.  can’t recommend it ~ too long for one thing…

have a good weekend! be back later

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