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You should check out “You Suck” by Chrisopher Moore. Hands down, it is the FUNNIEST VAMPIRE BOOK EVER WRITTEN!

i purchased 5 of the 6 “dark ones” series by katie macallister ~ i read the first one ~ it’s basically vampire porn….  with the emphasis on the porn, not the vampires.  so because of the recommendation above from my blog friend al and a 40% off coupon at borders and $3.19 left on a christmas borders gift card i stopped after work and purchased this [for $5.73]…


i think i’ll put some cheap wine in the fridge now [i’ll be right back] [i chose a nice alice white lexia 2007] and spend the evening reading…. 

i’m watching a letterman that i recorded last night, want to see mike birbigula [he’s skinny and really hilarious].  barbara walters is on now, she is actually quite funny!  she said that abe lincoln was very difficult to interview [ha!] ~ gotta go, mike is on next!

i’ll let you know what i think of the book.  thanks al!


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caveat emptor amazon.com ~ here’s the story.  i wanted to buy four books, my taste is reading material is weird – i like what i call ‘killer slasher’ books, but occasionally i will read something with some kind of literary substance.  this is not one of those times.  i saw a book in the hartford airport even vampires get the blues i didn’t have time to buy it, but filed the information away for future use.  i checked it out and found out that it was the fourth in a series [ok, i really really like vampire shit, books, movies, stories, angel and buffy, spike and buffy, dark shadows, forever knight, interview with the vampire, mick st john…..]  i had previously found two other much older vampire books on amazon.com, i thought i could possibly find these four on there also.  i hunted and pecked and found all four, used, ‘very good condition’, for approx $7.49.  [score!!!]  add shipping ~ total = somewhere around $27 and change!  WTF!

well then, hunt peck, hunt peck ~ i found all four brand new on amazon.com, free shipping over $25, 4 for 3 special offer, they used the total for all four books so i got the free shipping and the free book, total = $20 and just a little change.    BTW the other three are a girl’s guide to vampires, sex and the single vampire, sex lies and vampires.  almost sounds like a little copywrite infringement to me… will let you know how they are.

sometime in the last couple of months i was actually home on a weekday [it must have been some holiday, i don’t remember] and my front room window was hideously dirty.  i don’t usually see the window in the light of day during that time of year and it was really gross.  i took a bucket of hot water outside and washed it [i think it was about 20*].   it still looks all clean and shiny and gives me a good outlook on life.  what is the problem you are wondering?  well, occasionally a small bird will slam into the window and break its neck and i come home and find its stiff little carcass on my sidewalk.  i feel horrible about this!  i hate it that the poor little creatures are being murdered by my window.  a couple of weeks ago i came home and there was a small dead bird on the sidewalk.  i got a wind catcher and hung it in front of the window to discourage the birds from flying into the house.  well, yesterday i came home and there was a dead hawk on my sidewalk, it was awful, it had flown into the window just to the side of the windcatcher!  today i went and bought three wind catchers and hung them on my awning ~ hopefully that will be enough movement to warn the birds.  if it doesn’t work, i am never going to wash my window again dammit.  i usually only wash them once a year whether they need it or not anyway.  so if you drive by someone’s house with a bunch of crap hanging on it, that may be the explanation….  maybe next time i will try to explain all my wind chimes….

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