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today, barbie turns 50… my barbie is only 46, but who’s counting?!  last june i wrote a post about my barbies which ended with “photos to follow….”  well, i hope you haven’t been holding your breath, but either way here they are~ photos of barbie and midge her BFF dressed, ummm let’s say for a little trip to somewhere warm and sunny….







the clothes were usually somewhat more expensive than the dolls, i thought my barbie was about $3.95 but i got her the year before i got midge and midge was only $3.00


the reason the clothes were more expensive is because they were actually very well made.  little buttons and zippers and ‘barbie’ tags in each piece


time to go back to where ever it is I have been for these last 35 years or so….



oh yes, back into the boxes


this one is especially for the over thinker, no explanation necessary!



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i just spent two whole days in front of the computer at work…. 8 hours straight X 2, except for the ocassional potty break.

i have been sooooo healthy this year that my flex spending has only paid me $21, so today i went out and bought a really nice pair of [bifocal, polarized] sunglasses! i will post a photo as soon as they get here. not quite jackie kennedy style, but pretty cool, non the less.

i am an idiot and forgot to look at my fantasy football line up when i got home tonight and [of course] the chargers finally got their heads out of their collective butts and kicked ass. next year i have a new plan… it involves champagne and dice.

i’m going to bed now and if i don’t spend another whole day in front of the computer tomorrow i will try to be a little more social!

my cat is snoring in tongues again.

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