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do you ever receive a christmas / birthday present and put it away and never think you are going to use is so you just kind of forget about it /them?

i do do that and did do that with three things in particular, an “as seen on tv” chopper, a smoothie maker and some steak knives.  in the last couple of weeks i drug each one of these items out and used them ~ chopper to make some killer salsa, smoothie maker to make a wonderful blackberry, kiwi and tangerine smoothie this morning and an equally wonderful pama, vodka and grapefruit cocktail just a little while ago, used a new steak knives for dinner [the second outside bbq of the season and this weekend].

i have some good steak knives and some really old ones that my dad appropriated from the NCO club at dugway…  the good ones are nice, but i use them for just about everything.   the new ones are sharp the old ones not so much, but i forgot i had new ones until today, they are sharp and colorful and new! 

my brother-in-law makes this killer salsa, i asked him for some and instead of making some for me he gave me the chopper like the one he uses ~ this was about three years ago, i joined this co-op called bountiful baskets where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables every saturday morning for $15… so a couple of weeks ago i got the regular basket and the mexican add on, which consisted of everything you need to make killer salsa, so i drug out the chopper, got the recipe from my brother-in-law and made some killer salsa [all by myself] with the help of the ‘as seen on tv’ chopper and a couple of shots of tequila!

one of my bestest friends from [well actually from my whole life] gave me a smoothie maker for my birthday last year, it’s been [literally] kicking around my kitchen in the box for 9 months…. i had some fruit left over from the last bountiful baskets pick up and decided to try to make a smoothie this morning ~ it was delish!  i’m not going to use the plastic cups that came with it [i prefer to drink out of glass glasses] but i don’t think i will ever put this thing away again.

i sat down a little while ago to eat dinner and decided to watch something i had dvr’d [once again] i had a difficult time picking because most of the stuff on there was killer slasher crime stuff that you don’t really want to watch while eating dinner [or anything else for that matter]…

i posted a contest on my facebook page ~ it involves winning a choice of one of two $25 gift cards ~ i sometimes write memos at work that involve a free pound of godiva chocolates or some other equally yummy treat in the last paragraph just to see if anyone reads the whole thing.  i haven’t got many bites on my facebook contest, but it’s the weekend so i’m going to leave my contest rules up until wednesday to see if anyone else reads and joins in… the more the marrier!  if not, i have 4 people in the contest now and someone will win!

speaking of facebook ~ i finally watched SNL last night with betty white hosting, it was great!  if you didn’t see it, you should watch it….  i’m just sayin’

i [painfully] came to the conclusion that i can not  [no longer choose to] work in the yard for two whole days on the weekend…  my back yard is a disaster and i’m way behind on the mowing, but my front yard looks great and is once again acceptable.  i’m going out now to pick up dog poops and then i need to mow tomorrow so i can take advantage of the free watering we are going to get on tuesday and wednesday….

check this out just for fun!


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first, i had to take a [very] few minutes to check out my fantasy football teams the golden graboids on fox sports and the equally sucky wildones on yahoo sports…. ’nuff time wasted on that today.  [jess, it’s a good thing i already paid you my twenty bucks, cuz i would be seriously thinking about stiffing you!] not really.

the thanksgiving weekend is almost history {hey! the sun just came out} {damn, it’s gone again, that quick!}  i have a few random thoughts, i actually took notes at some point…

my living room re-model is not quite finished, i  have been staring at the crown molding trying to will it to attach itself somewhere around the ceiling, but it’s still laying on the floor.  it’s painted and just sitting there.  i will figure this out! for some reason the spatial relation part of my brain is vacationing in a warmer climate.  that and the fact that i am vertically challenged [you know short] and i am one stubborn bitch, i want to finish this by myself, dammit!

i had a nice thanksgiving.  i don’t really like thanksgiving, i don’t hate it exactly, just don’t get what all the fuss is about.  i have many many things to be thankful for, but thanksgiving has nothing to do with that. 

i did not cook dinner this year, my assignment was to make a shrimp salad and whip some cream.  [that reminds me, i have some left over shrimp salad and it’s lunch time, i’ll be back in a few minutes…]

i’m back, i brought my notebook ~ i went to my friend i used to be married to’s house for thanksgiving, he cooked, i watched.  we had steaks and baked potatoes, veggies and dip, shrimp salad, pie & ice cream.  we drank beer, played pool and played dice and talked about zelma.  we decided we are both thankful that we knew zelma.  zelma worked in a bar in our home town.  she was friendly and funny and kind.  she had a wonderful sense of humor and wrote down every joke she ever heard in little spiral notebooks.  she used to recite a poem about why dogs smell each others assholes that i wish i would have paid more attention to because it was a classic!  we also both hoped that her son robin saved all her notebooks.  thank you zelma for brightening our lives when i was a college student working as a bar maid and charlie was a college student drinking beer!

i did not, did not, get up at 4:30 am on friday to go shopping!  i did get up at 4:30 am because i could hear my dog puking in the hall… he had an upset stomach because i gave him some left over steak when i got home…  not much, just enough to give him a tummy ache. 

i was so lazy on friday that i forgot [chose] not to leave the house.  i don’t think i even got dressed in anything other than sweats and an old t-shirt.  that is the beauty of 4 day weekends, you can totally waste one day and still have two left over!

the aggies played the last football game of the season on saturday, i packed a bag like i was leaving for the weekend [you never know what kind of weather you are going to encounter, the saying here goes, ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes, it will change’…]  i took a thermos and a cooler!  it was 31* or so at kick off, got colder and warmer and wetter and drier, but long story short ~ the aggs kicked butt! 47 – 2 [and how long has it been since we could say that!? ]   good tailgate, good food, good game, good friends!


the weekend is almost over, my spatial relations brain cells woke up since i started this and i think i have figured out how to do the crown molding.  my house is old and the corners aren’t quite square [many people would say the same thing about me come to think of it!]  i will post some photos of the end result sometime before Christmas!

i am going to find something to eat for dinner, i have ummmm left over vegs, left over chicken wings, left over brownies and a lemon i ended up with after the game yesterday.  maybe i will open a can of soup!

i do have many many things to be thankful for, i am healthy and happy and have many good friends.  i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, however you celebrated.  may we all take a few minutes to think of others at this time of year…  do what you can to help someone, even if it is just a smile, it will come back to you.

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unfortunately, i have about 8000 things that need to be done inside.  oh, you know, like watch football, plus monitor my two fantasy football teams [the golden graboids and wildwons] they both pretty much suck because at least half of  players both my teams seem to be injured… i just had to dump kevin curtis and find someone to replace him on both teams….

then i should be working on my living room project and various other stupid things that need to be done, i have to finish mowing the lawn because i didn’t do that yesterday because i actually just sat around all afternoon listening to football on the radio and watching a parade that went right by my house.  i did score a bag of candy and some crayons and two passes to the miniature golf course and some string cheese.  so considering how bad the aggies got beat yesterday it wasn’t a total loss, i have string cheese.

may just bag the whole project thing and sit outside and read.  this really is my favorite time of year.  it is 77* and not a cloud in the sky, and just a little while ago i saw two golden eagles fly over my house…  would have missed that if i’d been inside.

sometimes meat loaf just sounds good for dinner, like today for instance.  maybe because it’s fall, but i’m having meat loaf for dinner.  i make a small little meat loaf for one [i don’t do left overs] and i’m starving, so i think i will have an early “supper” as my grandma used to say.  sunday supper like at 3:00 pm.  which means i have to go make meat loaf right now!

then i think the dog and i will go outside.

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living in logan is like, well, living in logan….  i just went out and picked three ripe tomatoes, that’s all there were, my whole crop will probably freeze tonight.  that’s what i get for making smart ass comments like “i hope they don’t freeze before they get ripe…”  i just moved my geranium under the patio table and will cover the tomatoes with a tarp sometime today…  will be 90* by the end of the week, but for the time being, summer is over. 

amazing what a couple of inches of lightening charged precipitation will do for a lawn though!


~edit~ updated quotes and movies pages…..

tomatoes are covered for the chilly night, burrrr.

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give me your editorial opinion on this…. i’m going to relate a hypothetical story here, all names have been changed [or left out], so if this sounds familiar, like someplace you may have been recently it’s not, it’s hypothetical, i made it up ~ yea that’s it, i made it up to find out your editorial opinion ~

a very nice person is having a birthday, a monumental birthday, um let’s say one of the even 10’s somewhere between 50 and 70…. [doesn’t need to be a birthday, could be any special occasion where let’s say 25 people are invited].  another very nice person plans a quite elegant surprise brunch at one of the fanciest restaurants in the whole kingdom.

the invitation specified “Dutch Treat Style”.   when i say specified i mean it said:  “please join us for a dutch-treat style” birthday brunch….


Heritage® Dictionary

Dutch treat (n.) An outing, as for dinner or a movie, in which all persons pay their own expenses.
the event was wonderful, good company, good food, good atmosphere, good bloody marys [whoops i digress] a very nice time.
ok, i have had bad experiences with this kind of thing before, i am not saying that this is the only time something like this has happened.  usually it is when a gaggle of women go out and eat and drink and then quibble over the check for 45 minutes because, ‘i only had one drink’, ‘i didn’t have the squid’, ‘i only had three orders of fries’, ‘i only had the salad’, ‘i only had one drink’, ‘i’m a cheap stupid bitch and i’m going to get out of this for as little as possible’… oh, wait, i digress again.  [i can bet if you are a female and have been out with more than 2 other females at once you have been there too]
anyway back to my hypothetical story… [the plan was, we were supposed to keep track of what we had and then give the nice person who planned this whole thing our portion of the check.  now, portion of the check would include food, beverages, tax, and your own portion of the 15% gratuity….which in this case turned out to be $150]  {not cocktails because the drink tabs were separate, did i mention the good bloody marys?} 
do the math $150 = 15% of ?  or $150 divided by .15 = $1000, so the total bill was $1000 or so.
after some folks put their meals on their own credit cards the check was revised about 4 or 5 times [which totally confused the whole concept in the process] the final bill turned out to be around $750….  amount of money given to nice planning person…  $485… no matter how we counted it we could not squeeze more  money out of the the wad of dead presidents.  aside from the fact that standing there counting money over and over again is embarrassing the nice planning person got stiffed to the tune of a couple of hundred dollars…. he paid the bill put the balance on his credit card and we left. [everyone else was pretty much gone by then]
now there used to be a group of 10 of my friends who went to brunch every sunday for about a year.  we would get the bill and divide it by 10 and each pay that amount.  we figured that it didn’t really matter what we each had because it would all even out in the wash.
problem is, the 25 people that were at brunch yesterday will probably never all be in the same room at the same time again, and certainly not enough times to make everything even out in the wash.  the nice person that planned this whole thing worked very hard to make this an enjoyable experience for the nice person with the birthday.  i feel bad that after doing all that work he got stiffed….  just life i guess, but still makes me feel bad.
so, what is your editorial opinion on this hypothetical story?  your comment can be anonymous if you wish, just say something on the subject.
next time i think we will say “separate checks please”…

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these are soooo yummy  they are made in hyde park. we found them at fish lake; so look for them where ever you may be and for you cache valley folks, they are at both lee’s and at macey’s

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i know i watch WAY too much television, but i just saw jamie lee curtis hawk ativia three times in the last hour talking about “the natural culture bifidus regularis”.  the first time i heard that i thought ‘no one in their right mind would have named a bacteria bifidus regularis!’  i know a little of where i speak since during my 32 year college career i took about a thousand different microbiology courses….. anyway i am officially calling bullshit on bifidus regularis [i already know it’s bullshit because i  googled it months ago, but have not written an official tirade]  actually this blog says about all that needs to be said…

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