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do you ever wonder why you do something?  i was just outside using the broom to push the remaining snow off my truck before it freezes into a rock solid mass…. when i was finished i brought the broom in the house and put it in the corner by the back door.  you may not think this is very note worthy, but i don’t keep my broom in the corner by the back door, i keep it in the pantry by the bird seed, the dog food and the potting soil.  when i was a kid [which was a LONG ass time ago] we did keep the broom in the corner by the back door.  putting it there just now seemed like the most normal thing in the world to do…. i wouldn’t even have thought about it except it looks weird sitting there.

on another subject, why does every home improvement / repair have to be such a pain in the ass?? now, maybe if you have a brand new house this is not a problem for you, but i will never have a brand new house and i have to try to keep the one i do have in good repair.  the light switch in my hall spit fire at me a couple of weeks ago so i made sure it was “off” and taped it in that position until i could get time to fix it [this really means: until the sun was out so i could see what i was doing since i would have to turn the power off to work on it….]  today was a beautiful [but cold] sunny day, so i decide i am going to fix the light switch.  actually, i planned on doing it  this weekend anyway and did have it on my ‘to do’ list… see


it’s right there #1 with little stars around it ~ so far it’s the only thing on that list i have finished.  i don’t want to strain something this early in the year. 

so, back to why this was such a pain in the ass.  this house was built in 1953 and i don’t know if these are the original light switches or not, but they seem to be failing at a surprising rate…  i am trying to replace them prior to them spitting fire at me, but did not get to this one prior to that phenomenon [i don’t think my house is possessed or anything, just old and wearing out, kind of like me some days].  so i turn the power off and check twice to make sure it is really really off, then i get my glasses, then i take the cover off the switch, so far so good, THEN i try to take the screws out of the actual switch, the ones that hold it into the box in the wall. well there is approximately 55-56 years worth of paint on these screws and i can only get the top one to come out….  [this is where this project turns into a pain in the ass]  i try every screwdriver i have, i hammer on the sucker, i spray the damned thing with WD40 and walk away [give it time to work, leave it alone!]  i decide i will take a shower and then try to finish when i’m a little more relaxed, but i just can’t leave anything alone, i just have to piss with it!  sooooo, i pissed with it enough to get the damned screw out, took the old switch out, put the new one in and now the light works again….  10 minute job took an hour!  pain in the ass.

oh! did the UTES cream ‘bama or what!  Take that BCS!!!

i have made a commitment that is even crazier that nablopomo !  i joined a group and we are going to take a photo every day in 2009 at 7:21 pm and post it on a group site on flickr.  i will post a link to this site later after we have something compiled to look at….  [i have set the alarm on my phone to ring every day at 7:19 pm so i don’t space it out]  i am nothing if not OCD about stuff like this.  that gives me 2 minutes to find something to capture.  until it gets light [and warm] around here the photos will be of  interesting items crap in my house!

well, i’m going to get some snacks [fritos and bean dip] and beverages [dark mexican beer] together and get ready to watch the chargers game… [i am already decked out in my charger gear!]

i just realized i will be in South Carolina WORKING during the super bowl!  damn!

edit ~ i forgot this part, i was vacuuming when i could smell the belt burning, i looked and the  beater bar was not moving so i had to stop and take the vacuum apart and remove a piece of cardboard…. THEN i put it back together and the belt came off so it still wouldn’t work, and THEN i put it back together and pinched the belt in the cover [my bad] and so it still wouldn’t work, THEN i had to pull about 75 yards of dog hair [one strand at a time] out of the groove where the belt rides…. then it worked and i finished vacuuming!  [10 min job took 1/2 hour] pain in the ass!


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i just spent two whole days in front of the computer at work…. 8 hours straight X 2, except for the ocassional potty break.

i have been sooooo healthy this year that my flex spending has only paid me $21, so today i went out and bought a really nice pair of [bifocal, polarized] sunglasses! i will post a photo as soon as they get here. not quite jackie kennedy style, but pretty cool, non the less.

i am an idiot and forgot to look at my fantasy football line up when i got home tonight and [of course] the chargers finally got their heads out of their collective butts and kicked ass. next year i have a new plan… it involves champagne and dice.

i’m going to bed now and if i don’t spend another whole day in front of the computer tomorrow i will try to be a little more social!

my cat is snoring in tongues again.

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what it the deal with monday night double header football????

if sitting in my front yard all afternoon on saturday listening to the aggies getting creamed and the regulation 5 games on sunday wasn’t enough, now there are two games on monday night….

i’m trying really hard not to look at the herald urinal website to see what the blogs are saying about the aggies.  it will just piss me off and i can’t for the life of me remember what my password is!  this is my editorial opinion on that:

i don’t care if you don’t like the aggies, i don’t care if you think the coaches suck, i don’t care if you think that each and every player should be recruited from cache valley ~ what i do care about is that you are only entitled to an opinion if you have earned it. 

by that i mean: if you go to the games no matter who we are playing, no matter what the weather, no matter what is on tv, you know the words to BOTH fight songs and you contribute to the university monitarily or with some kind of service, then and only then do you have the right to voice your opinion.

i will hang my aggie junk on my house on game day, i will be at every home game this year, i will wear my beads and aggie gear and tailgate with my friends, i will sing the fight songs [with stupid hand motions] and i will stay in the stadium until the team leaves the field at the end of the game.  i will listen to the away games on the radio.  i have sent my pledge to the AGGIE UP! project.  i think we suck, but i earned the right to say so.

speaking of suckage ~ the aggies could probably beat both of my fantasy teams put together.

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unfortunately, i have about 8000 things that need to be done inside.  oh, you know, like watch football, plus monitor my two fantasy football teams [the golden graboids and wildwons] they both pretty much suck because at least half of  players both my teams seem to be injured… i just had to dump kevin curtis and find someone to replace him on both teams….

then i should be working on my living room project and various other stupid things that need to be done, i have to finish mowing the lawn because i didn’t do that yesterday because i actually just sat around all afternoon listening to football on the radio and watching a parade that went right by my house.  i did score a bag of candy and some crayons and two passes to the miniature golf course and some string cheese.  so considering how bad the aggies got beat yesterday it wasn’t a total loss, i have string cheese.

may just bag the whole project thing and sit outside and read.  this really is my favorite time of year.  it is 77* and not a cloud in the sky, and just a little while ago i saw two golden eagles fly over my house…  would have missed that if i’d been inside.

sometimes meat loaf just sounds good for dinner, like today for instance.  maybe because it’s fall, but i’m having meat loaf for dinner.  i make a small little meat loaf for one [i don’t do left overs] and i’m starving, so i think i will have an early “supper” as my grandma used to say.  sunday supper like at 3:00 pm.  which means i have to go make meat loaf right now!

then i think the dog and i will go outside.

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