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one of the comments on my last post from kingofnewyorkhacks mentioned a song by john denver ‘on the road’.  i’m sure i was much closer to his mother’s age than his when she was vacuuming and listening to john denver.  his posts are so descriptive it is like taking a vacation.  so i took a short webvaca in search of john denver.  i couldn’t exactly get my mind around that song so i went on an internet frenzy trying to find it… google, amazon, 4 or 5 lyric sites and finally pandora.com.  although it says it was released on 6 different albums [that’s what we used to call them] i can’t find it anywhere.  so i created a john denver station on pandora to see if maybe it will magically come up there while i am typing this. 

the night john denver was writing ‘rocky mountain high’ i was looking at the same meteor shower he was only from the mountains of central utah.  i actually owned most of those albums i was looking at on the web.  i love john denver, i just forgot how much.

i could have literally spent hundreds of dollars just now buying cds or downloading mp3s.  i didn’t listen to any of the previews because i knew what would happen.  the 70’s were a wonderful time in my life, but i also experienced some losses and you know how music reminds you of things ~ well happy or sad i tend to boob when i reminisce [my dad used to say my bladder was behind my eyeballs].   check out my post “you do the math” and you will get a pretty good idea of what i mean. 

pandora just gave me john denver, simon and garfunkle, james taylor, jim croche, and john denver again… i had to turn it off ~ maybe i’ll try again on the weekend when i can have a glass of wine and just step back about 35 years or so.  i hope my ’68 mustang will be waiting for me, but i’m leaving my fat ass and grey hair here! 

one thing i do wish is that i would have thought to push my little truck a mile when it turned over to 100000!  i hope someone will do that for me whenever i finally get there! [HA!]  oh, and don’t hold your breath.


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Top ten (both good and bad) high school memories – Go! (in no particular order)  extra challenge (try to name a song to go with each memory!)

1.  dancing slow dances in the big gym after the basketball games…. Unchained Melody, the Righteous Brothers

2.  stealing hay and fruit for the autumn ball with Pam when we were juniors…Hanky Panky, Tommy James and The Shondells

3.  graduation night [i didn’t shed a tear], going to salt lake for dinner afterwards, staying out all night long [on whisky hill] and meeting everyone at lucille’s the next morning for breakfast…. jose and edward had monster hangovers!  In the Year 2525, Zaeger and Evans

4.  mr. griggs any song as long as he had a copywrited copy of it

5.  wirth dropping his trumpet while riding on the hood of charlie’s car after band practice [it got run over] and picking it up [it was squashed flat] and saying “they don’t make these things like they used to”… The Stars and Stripes Forever  {*edit*  charlie said it was actually leonard’s car, not his}

6.  getting shit-faced drunk on T night when i was a freshman and randy driving me around until i sobered up [kind of] because he knew my dad would kill me if i went home drunk.  worse the next day with my first hangover cleaning the school under the direction of the senior girls. Wild Thing, Troggs

7.  teen dances at the summitt.  Monday Monday, the Mommas and the Papas

8.  mixed chorus singing the Lord’s Prayer at the chorus festival acappella and getting a “1”.  mabel said we sounded like angels.

9. discovering there was music other than bubblegum…. Penny Lane, the Beatles

10. dragging main…. before school, after school, day time, night time, anytime! White Room, Cream.  Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin

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caveat emptor amazon.com ~ here’s the story.  i wanted to buy four books, my taste is reading material is weird – i like what i call ‘killer slasher’ books, but occasionally i will read something with some kind of literary substance.  this is not one of those times.  i saw a book in the hartford airport even vampires get the blues i didn’t have time to buy it, but filed the information away for future use.  i checked it out and found out that it was the fourth in a series [ok, i really really like vampire shit, books, movies, stories, angel and buffy, spike and buffy, dark shadows, forever knight, interview with the vampire, mick st john…..]  i had previously found two other much older vampire books on amazon.com, i thought i could possibly find these four on there also.  i hunted and pecked and found all four, used, ‘very good condition’, for approx $7.49.  [score!!!]  add shipping ~ total = somewhere around $27 and change!  WTF!

well then, hunt peck, hunt peck ~ i found all four brand new on amazon.com, free shipping over $25, 4 for 3 special offer, they used the total for all four books so i got the free shipping and the free book, total = $20 and just a little change.    BTW the other three are a girl’s guide to vampires, sex and the single vampire, sex lies and vampires.  almost sounds like a little copywrite infringement to me… will let you know how they are.

sometime in the last couple of months i was actually home on a weekday [it must have been some holiday, i don’t remember] and my front room window was hideously dirty.  i don’t usually see the window in the light of day during that time of year and it was really gross.  i took a bucket of hot water outside and washed it [i think it was about 20*].   it still looks all clean and shiny and gives me a good outlook on life.  what is the problem you are wondering?  well, occasionally a small bird will slam into the window and break its neck and i come home and find its stiff little carcass on my sidewalk.  i feel horrible about this!  i hate it that the poor little creatures are being murdered by my window.  a couple of weeks ago i came home and there was a small dead bird on the sidewalk.  i got a wind catcher and hung it in front of the window to discourage the birds from flying into the house.  well, yesterday i came home and there was a dead hawk on my sidewalk, it was awful, it had flown into the window just to the side of the windcatcher!  today i went and bought three wind catchers and hung them on my awning ~ hopefully that will be enough movement to warn the birds.  if it doesn’t work, i am never going to wash my window again dammit.  i usually only wash them once a year whether they need it or not anyway.  so if you drive by someone’s house with a bunch of crap hanging on it, that may be the explanation….  maybe next time i will try to explain all my wind chimes….

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i know i watch WAY too much television, but i just saw jamie lee curtis hawk ativia three times in the last hour talking about “the natural culture bifidus regularis”.  the first time i heard that i thought ‘no one in their right mind would have named a bacteria bifidus regularis!’  i know a little of where i speak since during my 32 year college career i took about a thousand different microbiology courses….. anyway i am officially calling bullshit on bifidus regularis [i already know it’s bullshit because i  googled it months ago, but have not written an official tirade]  actually this blog says about all that needs to be said…

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do not stay up and watch [the alternate international version of] the pilot of twin peaks until 1:00 am and then go to bed and expect not to have really weird [like directed by david lynch weird] dreams!!!

twin peaks link is a serious spoiler ~ ***be forwarned!

oh, and just for clarification sake – if you think you may want to watch the whole series, do not watch the alternate international version of the pilot, it was made as a “stand alone” episode and the ending pretty much sucked and will just confuse you if you watch the original version. oh, and also do not go to the twin peaks link above [serious spoiler warning].

i know of which i speak, i ate donuts and drank strong coffee for every original first run episode

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Benjamin: “Look, maybe we could do something else together. Mrs. Robinson, would you like to go to a movie?”
the graduate is 40 years old this year… i heard that on the tv tonight.  then i immediately started to cry ~ let me try to explain ~ when the graduate was new and in theaters it was a big deal [it was a nasty movie for its time…]. the nearest theater it was playing in was 50 miles from my hometown. [and in utah county  happy valley for cripes sakes!!].  i had a boyfriend who had a honda scooter [well, actually at the time he wasn’t my boyfriend, we were just friends] he stopped by my house to see if i wanted to go for a ride for a few minutes, we were riding around and he said something like do you want to go see the graduate?  or we should go see the graduate or let’s go see the graduate… anyway, i remember it was a saturday afternoon and we headed off on this tiny little motorcycle that didn’t actually go fast enough to legally be on the freeway so we had to ride in the emergency pull off lane.  i think we were going about 35 mph so it must have taken about an hour and a half to get to provo.  the theater was pretty much empty [remember – utah county, nasty movie] the tickets for the matinee were probably about $.75 [that’s seventy five cents boys and girls] and i have no idea how i even got in because i don’t think i was old enough. [wait it’s possible that this was before movies were rated…just a minute, i will check] nope looks like it was rated R, i wasn’t old enough.  we sat in the empty theater and watched the movie for one hundred and five minutes, with previews and popcorn let’s round that up to two hours [ok, now i have been a.w.o.l. for approximately four hours, and if you had known my dad you would also know that this is a big effing deal!] movie is over, back on tiny little motorcycle, back onto the freeway emergency pull out lane on our way back to hometown [elevation provo 4551 ft, elevation goshen 4551 ft, elevation eureka 6430 ft ~ the importance of this little factoid will become relevant to the story about an hour and fifteen minutes after we leave the theater] also realize that now i have been missing for around five and a half hours [my dad is really going to be pissed, but i’m on an adventure so i’m not thinking about that right now] – if you have never traveled to eureka utah going up US highway 6 from goshen through elberta you have never gone up “the slant” – named because the elevation increases about 2000 feet in the last 5 miles or so…… now remember, we are on a 1967 honda scooter that can only go 35 mph on the freeway which is basically flat [refer to factoid above] and now we are going to have to climb 2000 feet in approximately five miles going oh around 5 mph…. add another hour onto my absence.  we get to “the turns” which means nothing unless you have been on this highway and there is the town cop waiting for us.  he says nothing, just follows us the rest of the way up the hill and right to my house.  to tell you the truth i can’t remember what happened next, i’m sure i was in deep shit but that doesn’t matter anymore.  that friend did become my boyfriend and we were together for 6 years…. he died in 2002 and sometimes memories like this just make me cry…..  i was 16.

[Offering Mrs. Robinson a coat hanger
Benjamin: Wood? 
Mrs. Robinson: What? 
Benjamin: Wood or wire? They have both.

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my friend jess and her friends al and bridge have a blog site that is so well done, it puts this poor thing to shame.  always posting, great stuff too, kids and life and books and vacations and bad 80’s hair and cat piss in the rug…. i’m going to be try to be more like them, well at least in the always posting part….  i did give jess some advice on the cat piss ~ i hope it worked.  {if it’s ok with jess, i can add a link so you can check it out….} jess?

it’s a new year and i’m still here in what i call “utah’s canada” ~ it’s 10* right now, but at least the sun is out today, yesterday was one of those grey days, EVERY effing thing was grey, sky, snow, air, mood… but today is better, well at least the sun is out.  speaking of  the “utah’s canada” concept… st. george and the extreme southern part of utah is known as “utah’s dixie” mostly because of the weather [i don’t think they are famous for their jazz music, bare tits or crawdads] soooo in my small little brain and because the winters pretty much suck here. i think we should advertise this place as the aforementioned “utah’s canada”.  a whole line of t-shirts {plain white – snow day, plain off white – fog day, plain grey – grey day, plain medium brown – inversion day, plain white with a pine tree with a yellow ball above it – sun day}. oh and a special edition – blue one that says ‘thank you’ for when mother nature does something to get rid of the inversion and the electronic bill board signs thank everyone for not driving so much… {duh!}  i am proud of the kids at mountain crest for car pooling though!

my DVR died, i totally wore one out in december and they sent me a new one ~ it never really sounded right to me and recently it just shuts off for no apparent reason and then tries to restart every 30 seconds or so for hours.  i have a new one on the way [the guy at dish network was very nice – acutally listened to what i was telling him and didn’t make me go through all the lame things to try to get it to work when i know the thing is dead!]  i think by now i know more about the workings of a DVR than they do. 

let’s see, what have i been doing ~ i took a leaded glass class, i got my sewing machine out for the first time in years, i read 3 books, i had a nice Christmas and a quite new year, i went to san diego, i was really disappointed when  the packers lost the playoffs, i have been traveling for work,  working a lot, planning to re-do my living room [even have the paint picked out], cussing at my t.v., i voted and i gave up drinking for lent.

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