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I asked for it, I got it!  I saw this meme on the Diva’s site, it was created by her blog friend Earl.  i followed the instructions at the bottom of her post.  if you would like to be interviewed, follow the instructions at the bottom of mine!

An interview from The Diva.  Answer these five questions and follow the instructions at the bottom of the email.  That’s it.

The Diva:  You have one of the biggest cats i have ever seen, there is a saying that you own a dog, but a cat owns you. How has having a kitty enhanced your life?

friyet: ummm how has this kitty enhanced my life?  I have always had at least one kitty, my first cat “candy” lived 23 years, more recent cats “candy cat” 21 years, ‘rocky’ 21 years, at one time I had 23 cats!  [I’m not one of those nut job cat ladies, just couldn’t manage the outrageous reproductive initiative that is the cat!]  I have become much more responsible now and spay and neuter at the earliest possible moment! [and I keep my cats in the house]. I currently have two cats; a petite calico named Nikita who is 13 years old and my fat cat James who is 3.  Nikita was a small feral kitten, the only survivor of a litter of three.  she was small and sweet and had giant eyes [she never did grow into her eyes, they still seem large], she has hated my guts for nearly all of her 13 years, since I had to treat her with some foul tasting concoction for some bacterial intestinal thing she had when I got her.  she sleeps with me every night and snuggles up close as she can, but she will hardly let me touch her otherwise, unless it is to brush her or cut mats out of her hair, then she just lays there and purrs. [but you have to put your ear on her to be able to hear it…]  james on the other hand has always liked to be held and purrs so loud you can hear him from another room.  he is also as mean as cat piss and has bitten me a couple of times [one time his fault, one time my fault, I stepped on his tail…]  he has a sweet face and is so fat he can only waddle around, but as frustrating as he is sometimes, I love him and am glad I brought him home.  I feed him and clean up after him and have to bathe him because he is so fat he can’t reach his nether regions, so I guess they do own me, but I don’t know what I’d do without them.  they make me happy.  so I guess you could say that is how I have enhanced their lives. That was the question, right?

The Diva: You’re kicking back with a cocktail and your favourite book.  What are you drinking, and what are you reading?

friyet:  I’m drinking a perfectly chilled beer in a frosted glass and I’m reading something I like to call ‘a killer slasher’…. something by jonathan kellerman, james patterson, faye kellerman, jeffery deaver, kyle mills or the like. ~or~ I get shitfaced on cheap boxed wine and read almost anything with a vampire in it….



The Diva: What was the best and worst thing about growing up over a bar?

friyet:  we only lived in butte, and over the bar, until I was about a year old.  So the best part of that was hearing the stories.  the bar played ‘western’ music every night but Tuesday and my dad used to tell me that I wouldn’t sleep on Tuesdays because there wasn’t any music.  my mom was very ill after I was born and her family came up to see her in the hospital.  My dad also used to tell the story of how when everyone got to the hospital he went in the nursery and stole and took me out for everyone to see…. My cousin confirmed that story much much later.

I did spend many Saturday afternoons in the Silver Club when I was a kid.  My mom and dad used to take me just about everywhere.  My dad would pick me up and dance with me and I can still hear the sound he used to sing that was the ‘beat’ to dance to. he would do the same thing at home later while watching the laurence welk show and our dog jingles would bark. 

I was not allowed to accept money from people in the bar [i remember old dudes sitting at the bar offering me a quarter] and later, during college, when I worked as a bar maid in the Summitt it really bothered me when little kids would go up to total strangers and ask for money and their parents never said anything. 

Times have changed, i don’t think people don’t take their kids to bars anymore when they go to have a couple of beers on a Saturday afternoon, but I have good memories of being there.  We would all walk home together and once my dad won a stuffed animal on a punch board and I picked out the biggest one in the place, he made me carry it [most of] the way home. 

I don’t really remember a ‘worse’ thing about being at the bars, but once when I was about six we were at a neighbor’s house on Christmas night and one of the ladies got really drunk and fell and broke the coffee table.  I still remember to this day [it’s been 51 years] that she had on a blue dress and I can still see her falling and breaking that table.  When I used to drink to excess and everyone would tell me ‘oh you were just having fun’ I used to think ~ no, i was drunk and made a ass out of my self and l I don’t want some little kid remembering me like I remember that lady in the blue dress.  so that was probably the worse thing I remember, but it also taught me a little about drinking too much and making a total ass out of myself.  I still use it for a wake up call today, because I am probably about the same age now that she was then…. 

The Diva:  I used to watch General Hospital from ’97 to 2000, but when my Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) left the show i stopped watching.  What about GH makes you keep coming back?

friyet: My friend Carol and I started watching General Hospital when it first aired, I think it was the summer between 6th and 7th grade.  I always watched it during the summers when I wasn’t in school.  We watched in college and I remember watching it before my [friend I used to be married to] and I went to work during the 70’s and 80’s… When I started working day shift [and before VCRs] I had to quit watching and would occasionally pick it back up on holidays and vacations or whatever [sick days]….  Then a couple of years ago it was the 25th anniversary of Luke and Laura’s marriage.  They showed four old episodes on Soap Net and then I watched a couple of new episodes also…  It took me quite a while to figure out who the hell everyone was, except for the old regulars and I actually went on the website to try to put together the relationships of all these people [dweeb that I am]…  By the time I finally had everything figured out I was hopelessly hooked again and through the modern miracle that is the DVR I can watch everyday for 40 mins and keep caught up…  or if my dish is full of snow in the afternoon, I can clean it out and watch at night on soap net.  It is just mindless dribble, but it lets me unwind from work everyday….  And they must be gearing up for sweeps because things are heating up [HA!]

The Diva: What is your most watched/loved movie of all time?

friyet:  I have a seriously schizophrenic taste in movies.  I have probably seen Dirty Dancing and Bridget Jones’ Diary at least 50 times each, but I wouldn’t consider either one of those my most loved movie….  The ones that fit that description are ones I have maybe seen only once or twice ~ The Sterile Cuckoo 1969 [hey! my life ain’t so bad…], Amelie 2001 [it’s French, subtitled, but it makes me feel good],  Moonstruck 1989 [I don’t know why, I just like it], the Big Lebowski 1998 [they can’t all be chick flicks…i own this one so i’m well on my way to at least 50 viewings…],  The Big Chill 1983,  Wonder Boys 2000, High Fidelity 2000 [all for the music]  this movie thing is definitely a work in process!

Ok, so to continue the meme follow these instructions:1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


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me: “why don’t girl witches have babies?”

you: [even though you have heard this 10,000 times] “uh, I don’t know….”

me: “because boy witches have hollow weenies!”

you: “ech!”


i carved two pumpkins, one tall, one round. [to keep away the evil spirits for another year] and now i am going to drink a couple of beers and watch “Rosemary’s Baby” ….

everyone have a safe and happy hollowweenie!  arr arr!

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this is my favorite time of year, halloween used to be my favorite holiday, when the sun is low in the sky and the leaves are various shades of yellow, orange and gold i am just relaxed and happy, i love this time of year ~ i must, that’s twice in one sentence!!!  anyway, i was driving home from work this afternoon and everything was all gold and yellow and i turned off of the nightmare that is main street at that time of day.  [now don’t confuse this with freeway driving anywhere in the world, this is driving 16 miles home from work with the last 4 being through traffic that was never planned for and drivers that have no manners what-so-ever] i always turn off and take a side road so i don’t have to fret so much. 

well. people ride bicycles through this crazy ass traffic with crazy ass drivers.  people buy those new retro bikes with the big tires and the big seats and the wide handle bars.  people have baskets on these bikes to carry stuff in while they are riding through the crazy ass traffic.  people dress in neutral colors and flowing fabrics.  people put large brown parcels in the baskets on their bicycles….  people cross the road about a half a block in front of me on said bicycle with flowing fabrics and brown parcels, in the golden late afternoon light.  it looked exactly like this!  it made my whole day….






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check this out!

on the recommendation of my nephew i watched this….

quite entertaining actually!  let me know what you think…

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do not stay up and watch [the alternate international version of] the pilot of twin peaks until 1:00 am and then go to bed and expect not to have really weird [like directed by david lynch weird] dreams!!!

twin peaks link is a serious spoiler ~ ***be forwarned!

oh, and just for clarification sake – if you think you may want to watch the whole series, do not watch the alternate international version of the pilot, it was made as a “stand alone” episode and the ending pretty much sucked and will just confuse you if you watch the original version. oh, and also do not go to the twin peaks link above [serious spoiler warning].

i know of which i speak, i ate donuts and drank strong coffee for every original first run episode

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Benjamin: “Look, maybe we could do something else together. Mrs. Robinson, would you like to go to a movie?”
the graduate is 40 years old this year… i heard that on the tv tonight.  then i immediately started to cry ~ let me try to explain ~ when the graduate was new and in theaters it was a big deal [it was a nasty movie for its time…]. the nearest theater it was playing in was 50 miles from my hometown. [and in utah county  happy valley for cripes sakes!!].  i had a boyfriend who had a honda scooter [well, actually at the time he wasn’t my boyfriend, we were just friends] he stopped by my house to see if i wanted to go for a ride for a few minutes, we were riding around and he said something like do you want to go see the graduate?  or we should go see the graduate or let’s go see the graduate… anyway, i remember it was a saturday afternoon and we headed off on this tiny little motorcycle that didn’t actually go fast enough to legally be on the freeway so we had to ride in the emergency pull off lane.  i think we were going about 35 mph so it must have taken about an hour and a half to get to provo.  the theater was pretty much empty [remember – utah county, nasty movie] the tickets for the matinee were probably about $.75 [that’s seventy five cents boys and girls] and i have no idea how i even got in because i don’t think i was old enough. [wait it’s possible that this was before movies were rated…just a minute, i will check] nope looks like it was rated R, i wasn’t old enough.  we sat in the empty theater and watched the movie for one hundred and five minutes, with previews and popcorn let’s round that up to two hours [ok, now i have been a.w.o.l. for approximately four hours, and if you had known my dad you would also know that this is a big effing deal!] movie is over, back on tiny little motorcycle, back onto the freeway emergency pull out lane on our way back to hometown [elevation provo 4551 ft, elevation goshen 4551 ft, elevation eureka 6430 ft ~ the importance of this little factoid will become relevant to the story about an hour and fifteen minutes after we leave the theater] also realize that now i have been missing for around five and a half hours [my dad is really going to be pissed, but i’m on an adventure so i’m not thinking about that right now] – if you have never traveled to eureka utah going up US highway 6 from goshen through elberta you have never gone up “the slant” – named because the elevation increases about 2000 feet in the last 5 miles or so…… now remember, we are on a 1967 honda scooter that can only go 35 mph on the freeway which is basically flat [refer to factoid above] and now we are going to have to climb 2000 feet in approximately five miles going oh around 5 mph…. add another hour onto my absence.  we get to “the turns” which means nothing unless you have been on this highway and there is the town cop waiting for us.  he says nothing, just follows us the rest of the way up the hill and right to my house.  to tell you the truth i can’t remember what happened next, i’m sure i was in deep shit but that doesn’t matter anymore.  that friend did become my boyfriend and we were together for 6 years…. he died in 2002 and sometimes memories like this just make me cry…..  i was 16.

[Offering Mrs. Robinson a coat hanger
Benjamin: Wood? 
Mrs. Robinson: What? 
Benjamin: Wood or wire? They have both.

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in the winter of 2000 my nephew A and i were both attending usu and we have a slight obsession with movies…  we used to try to see all the movies that were nominated for academy awards and let’s face it, we were in logan ~ there is absolutely nothing to do, but there are LOTS of theaters….    there was an alternate cinema in the old main theater in smithfield,  we had been there previously to see crouching tiger, hidden dragon so we knew that there was no heat in this theater.  ellen burstyn was nominated for best actress that year, this is the saga of requiem for a dream. 

to attend a movie at the alternative cinema you didn’t need much money i think it was $2.50 with the student discount, what you did need was to dress like you were going to a football game, a packers game in green bay in january in the snow.  so we get our coats and hats and gloves and quilts and drive to smithfield.   we go to the window and buy our tickets;  gloves in hand, quilts under our arms.  some folks were looking at us like we were nuts, but they obviously hadn’t been there before and didn’t know the secret.  [you could literally see your breath inside this place]

the movie starts, it was probably the worst spiral into the depths of hell i have ever seen on the screen…  dark, horrible, unnerving ~ did absolutely nothing to make drugs look fashionable or glamorous.   MPAA Rating R – intense depiction of drug addiction, graphic sexuality, strong language, and some violence…. even that is an understatement!

i laugh now looking back on what happened next, but at the time i was almost too numb to realize how funny it was.  the movie ends, we gather up our stuff and A has this wide-eyed, pained look on his face.  as we exit the theater he screamed out loud [seriously] until we got into the car, then he screamed some more, but the people out on the sidewalk could still hear him…. he describes it:   “This meant that I saw Requiem for a Dream which permanently scared me and had me screaming in the car afterward (just ask Fri-yet).”  [for background material see mt dew and milk shakes blog entitled “oscar”]

i can’t remember if ellen burstyn won that year for best actress or not, but damn! she deserved it!  [i am NOT HOWEVER recommending that you see this performance].

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