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little drummer boy

my blog friend natalie was listening to joan jett today. i love joan jett.  one of my off the wall favs is  joan jet singing ‘little drummer boy’ in a scene from  ‘class’ with rob lowe and andrew mccarthy. 

here are two renditions of that cut, one not so good, the second is better…

a really shitty mix of  joan jet

a better mix of  joan jett

and on the subject little drummer boy…. here are some other examples…

bing and david

charlotte church

john denver

bob seger

jars of clay


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one of the comments on my last post from kingofnewyorkhacks mentioned a song by john denver ‘on the road’.  i’m sure i was much closer to his mother’s age than his when she was vacuuming and listening to john denver.  his posts are so descriptive it is like taking a vacation.  so i took a short webvaca in search of john denver.  i couldn’t exactly get my mind around that song so i went on an internet frenzy trying to find it… google, amazon, 4 or 5 lyric sites and finally pandora.com.  although it says it was released on 6 different albums [that’s what we used to call them] i can’t find it anywhere.  so i created a john denver station on pandora to see if maybe it will magically come up there while i am typing this. 

the night john denver was writing ‘rocky mountain high’ i was looking at the same meteor shower he was only from the mountains of central utah.  i actually owned most of those albums i was looking at on the web.  i love john denver, i just forgot how much.

i could have literally spent hundreds of dollars just now buying cds or downloading mp3s.  i didn’t listen to any of the previews because i knew what would happen.  the 70’s were a wonderful time in my life, but i also experienced some losses and you know how music reminds you of things ~ well happy or sad i tend to boob when i reminisce [my dad used to say my bladder was behind my eyeballs].   check out my post “you do the math” and you will get a pretty good idea of what i mean. 

pandora just gave me john denver, simon and garfunkle, james taylor, jim croche, and john denver again… i had to turn it off ~ maybe i’ll try again on the weekend when i can have a glass of wine and just step back about 35 years or so.  i hope my ’68 mustang will be waiting for me, but i’m leaving my fat ass and grey hair here! 

one thing i do wish is that i would have thought to push my little truck a mile when it turned over to 100000!  i hope someone will do that for me whenever i finally get there! [HA!]  oh, and don’t hold your breath.

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dm2dk “the results”

sorry this is a little late, i know i said ‘this thursday’ last week, but i lied….

here are the results and comments from the crack team:   if you have forgotten first prize was a $7.50 starbucks gift card…. (all comments listed below are from the crack team, not me)

1.    Copeland’s Appalachian Spring….”Boo Sings!” – overthinker


2.    runner up   linkin park – mannheim steamroller Jess


3.      yours DK to DM   tied with   2 pac – britney spears of Anika (which just thinking about makes me queasy) 



4.      allen lost on a technicality, book on tape doesn’t count


now, this is me…. 


the-over-thinker gets the generous (personalized) starbucks card, good for about one and one half cups of coffee… or one gynormous frappuccino!


because this is my contest ~ runner up jess and tie anika both get one tall coffee of choice at starbucks on me, we can make it a togetherness thing.


thank you all for your entries…. we’ll do this again sometime!

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my stats graph looks like the stock market!

blogging is down…. i can understand jess and the over-thinker, they each blogged 30 days hath september and they are both in some other universe right now, but i don’t know what my excuse is.

i was just trying to do a little research to crown the winner of my dean martin to dead kennedys contest… OMG!  Boo Berry does not necessarily equal Boo Berry!  google that and see what you get!  i think the vast difference from each end of that spectrum should get honorable mention at least!

i am going to assemble a crack team of qualified individuals and we will have a winner by thursday…! this thursday!

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dead kennedys, dean martin

contest!  if you can beat that segue in either your ipod or your cd collection, i will give you a $7.50 starbucks card….  judging method to be determined. 

that would be my entry if this wasn’t my contest, but it is true nonetheless…. i have others!  see below.

pick your favorite and leave your entry…and tell your friends!  to quote dave barry “i am not making this up!”

alice cooper, alison krauss

billy currington, bing crosby

canned heat, carly simon

the cowsills, the cranberries

jimi hendrix, jimmy buffett

lenny kravitz, leonard cohen

nat king cole, neil young

paula cole, perry como

placido domingo, procol harum

queen, queen latifah

reba mcentire, richie havens

sam and dave, sammy kershaw

taj mahal, tammy wynette

tom waits, tommy james and the shondells

vanilla fudge, violent femmes

zager and evans, zz top

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Whose signature do you wish you could forge?
whoever signs those powerball checks!
What movie could you watch over and over again?
dirty dancing / bridget jones diary / moonstruck
What was your worst fashion mistake?
letting my ass get so big!
What would your clown name be?
clowns are creepy, don’t want anything to do with clowns
Where would you like to go on vacation?
fish lake
What’s your favorite 80’s band?
What was your best vacation ever?
yellowstone ending with dinner at uncle alberts
I shower in the…
shower, duh!
What’s your earliest memory?
my grandpa campbell
What’s the biggest difference between you and your parents?
they’re dead, i’m not
Polka Dots are…
round and fuzzy
I like people who are…
willing to pay it forward
My glass is half…
submerged in the dishwater
Please buy me a…
mercedes benz
Metric or Imperial units?
you talkin’ money or distance?
I’d describe my sense of humor as…
unusual sarcasm
There’s more to life than…
Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson?
for allen’s sake i have to go with jessica alba
I can’t believe I lost my…
train of thought
My power animal is…
james, my 30 lb cat
If I had to spend twenty bucks in the next twenty minutes, I would…
have about 19 mins and 30 sec to spare…
I’d never leave the house without my…
teeth being brushed
Glasses or contacts?
glasses, wish i had lots and lots!
Twizzlers or Red Vines?
twizzlers have been ruined!
What’s your favorite smell?
fresh ground coffe, with a doughnut undertone…
What’s the most annoying song on the radio?
Anything by anyone who was ever on AI

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Top ten (both good and bad) high school memories – Go! (in no particular order)  extra challenge (try to name a song to go with each memory!)

1.  dancing slow dances in the big gym after the basketball games…. Unchained Melody, the Righteous Brothers

2.  stealing hay and fruit for the autumn ball with Pam when we were juniors…Hanky Panky, Tommy James and The Shondells

3.  graduation night [i didn’t shed a tear], going to salt lake for dinner afterwards, staying out all night long [on whisky hill] and meeting everyone at lucille’s the next morning for breakfast…. jose and edward had monster hangovers!  In the Year 2525, Zaeger and Evans

4.  mr. griggs any song as long as he had a copywrited copy of it

5.  wirth dropping his trumpet while riding on the hood of charlie’s car after band practice [it got run over] and picking it up [it was squashed flat] and saying “they don’t make these things like they used to”… The Stars and Stripes Forever  {*edit*  charlie said it was actually leonard’s car, not his}

6.  getting shit-faced drunk on T night when i was a freshman and randy driving me around until i sobered up [kind of] because he knew my dad would kill me if i went home drunk.  worse the next day with my first hangover cleaning the school under the direction of the senior girls. Wild Thing, Troggs

7.  teen dances at the summitt.  Monday Monday, the Mommas and the Papas

8.  mixed chorus singing the Lord’s Prayer at the chorus festival acappella and getting a “1”.  mabel said we sounded like angels.

9. discovering there was music other than bubblegum…. Penny Lane, the Beatles

10. dragging main…. before school, after school, day time, night time, anytime! White Room, Cream.  Whole Lotta Love, Led Zeppelin

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