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today i was on my way to meet some friends for lunch… it was oh about 5* at the time.  i had a couple of extra minutes so i thought i would stop and fill my truck with gas…  it is a good idea to have a full tank because when it gets this cold the laws of physics cause condensation in a non-full gas tank and then the water produced by the condensation [the condensate] freezes in your gas line and your effing car won’t start…  so anyway, i stop to buy gas, but first i go into the store part and buy a bottle of “heat” which is basically alcohol that you add to the gas tank and it also helps to keep your gas lines from freezing up.  i poured the ‘heat’ into the tank and proceeded to scan my card, remove the nozzle and choose my gas… well the minute i hit the ‘regular’ button, gasoline started spraying all over me!  it took a second to figure out what the hell was going on and then i realized that the little clicker that you can click so you don’t have to hold the nozzle in your tank was engaged and by then i was covered in gasoline.  SHIT!  my coat, my gloves, my jeans, my boots and a good portion of the area around my truck were soaked….  i can’t even remember if i swore or screamed or anything, but i eventually finished filling up my truck and went to meet my friends… 

i called to tell my friend michael NOT to light up a smoke when i got there because i was covered in gasoline.  i had to leave my coat and gloves in the back of my truck and put on a sweatshirt i carry for emergencies keep forgetting to take in the house.  i warned the waitress not to evacuate the restaurant if someone reported smelling gas, it was only me.  they all made jokes about me having gas [ha!], but they had to smell it the whole time we were eating so naner naner on them… 

i have washed my coat and jeans three times and hung them outside until they froze solid…  i have them in the dryer right now on ‘air dry’ because i don’t want to be on the news tomorrow because i put a gasoline soaked coat in the dryer and blew up my house….  i need my coat for work tomorrow ~ it is currently -1* and falling.

if you fill up your automobile take the damned clicker off before you put the hose back in the pump!  [guess i will be checking that myself from now on…]


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it’s the weekend, as promised i am drinking wine and shortly i am going to be listening to john denver on pandora.com.

i am linking two dog stories here, one should make you smile and the other one will break your heart.  doesn’t matter which one you read first, i think i’d go with the smile, but read them both. [note. read the comments on the second one, she writes an update]

this is another dog story, one of my dog’s story.

about 18 years ago, some friends of mine found a puppy that had been shot in the head and left to die in the mud.  after hearing him cry for two days they got in their boat and went to find him.  about a week later they were going on vacation they wanted me to take him, i said no, but i agreed to watch him while they were gone.

when he got to my house he was sickly and couldn’t eat much because his jaw was broken, he had a hole in his head that went in from behind his ear and came out in his neck.  i took him to the vet to have him checked out.  he had a “hair plug” in his head that had to be removed and then i had to make sure to keep the wound clean and i was supposed to feed him regular food, because that would make his jaw stronger.

i fell in love with him immediately, i named him ‘murphy’ after the cop in robocop, because he had survived being shot. i called him ‘muffin’ because he was so sweet.  when my friends got back from vacation i couldn’t let him go, he stayed with me.  he had nerve damage in his face and his nose was a little off center, our friend doug used to call him “murphy joe buttafuco”.  he was deaf in one ear and used to run around in circles in the back yard, his good ear to the outside happy as could be.

after about three years, murphy started having seizures.  the first one scared me to death, i didn’t know what was happening.  the seizures became more frequent and finally with medication i was able to control them, for about a year.  i guess the brain damage was just too much because one night he had a seizure, went into a coma and i had to have him put to sleep. 

i literally felt like i had given up and murdered my dog.  the vet was in surgery when i took murphy in for the last time and i didn’t get to talk to him.  a few days later i got a note in the mail from him he told me that murphy had been lucky to have four years with me and that someday i would see the person that shot him and i would know that it was him that shot my dog and he would know that i knew.

actually, i was the lucky one, murphy was a good dog.   i still have a photo of him in the hall and his ashes are on the shelf on the tv stand.  I’m not sure what the whole point of this is, i guess that story about ssg kim’s dogs being abandoned by the person that was supposed to take care of them pissed me off so bad i just started thinking about murphy being left for dead.

i don’t know what kind of incredible asshole would agree to take care of someone’s pets and then just lock them up, abandon them and leave them to nearly starve.  especially when this woman is out of the country serving in the military.  i do truly believe that god writes all this stuff down and that someday the person who did this will find themselves at the mercy of three dogs who will lock them up and throw away the key.

and on another note, between the wine, the music, murphy memories and being just down right pissed off, i’m boobing!  maybe my bladder is behind my eyeballs after all….


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what it the deal with monday night double header football????

if sitting in my front yard all afternoon on saturday listening to the aggies getting creamed and the regulation 5 games on sunday wasn’t enough, now there are two games on monday night….

i’m trying really hard not to look at the herald urinal website to see what the blogs are saying about the aggies.  it will just piss me off and i can’t for the life of me remember what my password is!  this is my editorial opinion on that:

i don’t care if you don’t like the aggies, i don’t care if you think the coaches suck, i don’t care if you think that each and every player should be recruited from cache valley ~ what i do care about is that you are only entitled to an opinion if you have earned it. 

by that i mean: if you go to the games no matter who we are playing, no matter what the weather, no matter what is on tv, you know the words to BOTH fight songs and you contribute to the university monitarily or with some kind of service, then and only then do you have the right to voice your opinion.

i will hang my aggie junk on my house on game day, i will be at every home game this year, i will wear my beads and aggie gear and tailgate with my friends, i will sing the fight songs [with stupid hand motions] and i will stay in the stadium until the team leaves the field at the end of the game.  i will listen to the away games on the radio.  i have sent my pledge to the AGGIE UP! project.  i think we suck, but i earned the right to say so.

speaking of suckage ~ the aggies could probably beat both of my fantasy teams put together.

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i have 128 mb of ram!

last week i got some kind of mcafee virus scan upgrade, since then my computer has been slower than cold tar…. finally i enlisted technical support from one of my best friends, my nephew…. when i got to system tab and told him i had 128 mb, he said and i quote “you’re screwed”….  so i then email another good friend jess and asked her where i could go to get some more memory for my antique dell 4300S….  well she has kindly has offered to come to my house and install the 512 mb of memory i ordered on line last night.

well, i finally got it ordered, but not until after my computer had locked up and i had to re-boot [cool i know the geek term for start the fucking computer again because it froze up and i can’t complete what i was doing] and start all over…. i just saw a  pop up that an email saying that my new memory has been shipped so hopefully i will be up and running again soon.  i can’t go look at it however, because that will probably cause my computer to lock up again and i won’t be able to finish this post!

speaking of not being able to finish anything ~ i was trying to do a live draft of a fantasy football team this evening, which i knew was a stupid idea [see any comment above].  half way through the draft my computer had an aneurysm and i couldn’t finish so although i got tom brady, san diego’s defense, antonio gates, ben roethlisberger and michael bush, i was at the mercy of the cosmos to complete the rest of my team….. so we’ll see how that goes.

tomorrow is friday and that can’t be all bad!

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give me your editorial opinion on this…. i’m going to relate a hypothetical story here, all names have been changed [or left out], so if this sounds familiar, like someplace you may have been recently it’s not, it’s hypothetical, i made it up ~ yea that’s it, i made it up to find out your editorial opinion ~

a very nice person is having a birthday, a monumental birthday, um let’s say one of the even 10’s somewhere between 50 and 70…. [doesn’t need to be a birthday, could be any special occasion where let’s say 25 people are invited].  another very nice person plans a quite elegant surprise brunch at one of the fanciest restaurants in the whole kingdom.

the invitation specified “Dutch Treat Style”.   when i say specified i mean it said:  “please join us for a dutch-treat style” birthday brunch….


Heritage® Dictionary

Dutch treat (n.) An outing, as for dinner or a movie, in which all persons pay their own expenses.
the event was wonderful, good company, good food, good atmosphere, good bloody marys [whoops i digress] a very nice time.
ok, i have had bad experiences with this kind of thing before, i am not saying that this is the only time something like this has happened.  usually it is when a gaggle of women go out and eat and drink and then quibble over the check for 45 minutes because, ‘i only had one drink’, ‘i didn’t have the squid’, ‘i only had three orders of fries’, ‘i only had the salad’, ‘i only had one drink’, ‘i’m a cheap stupid bitch and i’m going to get out of this for as little as possible’… oh, wait, i digress again.  [i can bet if you are a female and have been out with more than 2 other females at once you have been there too]
anyway back to my hypothetical story… [the plan was, we were supposed to keep track of what we had and then give the nice person who planned this whole thing our portion of the check.  now, portion of the check would include food, beverages, tax, and your own portion of the 15% gratuity….which in this case turned out to be $150]  {not cocktails because the drink tabs were separate, did i mention the good bloody marys?} 
do the math $150 = 15% of ?  or $150 divided by .15 = $1000, so the total bill was $1000 or so.
after some folks put their meals on their own credit cards the check was revised about 4 or 5 times [which totally confused the whole concept in the process] the final bill turned out to be around $750….  amount of money given to nice planning person…  $485… no matter how we counted it we could not squeeze more  money out of the the wad of dead presidents.  aside from the fact that standing there counting money over and over again is embarrassing the nice planning person got stiffed to the tune of a couple of hundred dollars…. he paid the bill put the balance on his credit card and we left. [everyone else was pretty much gone by then]
now there used to be a group of 10 of my friends who went to brunch every sunday for about a year.  we would get the bill and divide it by 10 and each pay that amount.  we figured that it didn’t really matter what we each had because it would all even out in the wash.
problem is, the 25 people that were at brunch yesterday will probably never all be in the same room at the same time again, and certainly not enough times to make everything even out in the wash.  the nice person that planned this whole thing worked very hard to make this an enjoyable experience for the nice person with the birthday.  i feel bad that after doing all that work he got stiffed….  just life i guess, but still makes me feel bad.
so, what is your editorial opinion on this hypothetical story?  your comment can be anonymous if you wish, just say something on the subject.
next time i think we will say “separate checks please”…

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1.  Biscoff cookies are the bomb!  Apparently, you can buy them in the grocery store, but then they wouldn’t be such a treat.  Years ago Ellen DeGeneres had a bit about eating peanuts on an airplane that was hysterical…. well that’s how Biscoff cookies are to me ~ “I’ll have the cookies, please”, “thank you”.  Grab, rip, break in half, inhale, repeat step four 4 times…. eat crumbs from the napkin, from your shirt; hell, from the seat! lick your lips, lick the wrapper, drink your club soda, take a nap, read a book.

2.  I cannot understand why people take pillows on vacation…. is it a medical requirement or a security blanket kind of thing….?  I know I wouldn’t want to bring a pillow home and put it back in my bed after it had been on a plane, in an airport, in the back of a cab, in a motel, on a ride in disneyland, to branson, to las vegas, in a tent, in the dirt; sweated on, sneezed on, coughed on, sat on; dropped, picked up and X-rayed….

3.  Don’t people own a mirror any more?  Do they not look at themselves before they go out?  Do 18 year old girls with pot bellies, no waist and saggy butts not know what they actually look like in a bikini???  Don’t they care?  I’m not saying that we all need to look like demi moore in ‘charlie’s angels’, but for hell’s sake, take a good look at your ass before you go out and parade yourself in the street!  have a little pride.

4.  Going to a Karaoke bar is fun…. especially if you have about 5 shots of tequila….. i didn’t sing, but i’m going to practice up for next time. [p.s. i did sing along]

5.  I think it would really suck to have a beautiful house on Catalia and then have your street included on the ‘scenic tour’ so you could have hundreds of noisy golf carts full of tourists go by your house every day…

6.  Why, when you are camping and you are standing looking at nothing in particular, do people stop and ask “what are you looking at”….???

7.  it really sucks to break a cork screw… but a hammer and screw driver work if you don’t mind a little [artificial] cork in your wine.

8.  tequila and santana on a rainy day go quite well together!

9.  chipmonks will not eat a pork chop.

10. don’t piss off a beaver!

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today was one long ass work day… i had worked {what seemed like} 14 hours and it was only 11:20 am. then i worked [what seemed like} another 14 hours and it was 2:20 pm and it was FRIDAY, one long ass day!  i have got to figure out how to put photos on here, can’t be that difficult. i have all my photos on an external drive because my computer was so full of music and photos it was pissing me off by running slow.  not just middle of the afternoon, all the accountants are on the computer at work slow, it was aggravating.  then i would get impatient and click five or six other things and then it would just mock me by freezing up…  so to get back to the photo thing, i have to search for an interesting photo to put on this new blog.  i think i will upload the photo of my dog to finish off the post about his going to / from the vet.  it lent a better ending to the whole thing.  i did it! photo is a year old, he’s way greyer now than he was then ~ come to think of it, so am i! {i have the advantage of better living through chemistry in that department, not taking the dog to have his hair colored!} although that would be an interesting post.

i watched a movie last night ~ robert altman’s masterpiece “short cuts” which turned out to be an oxymoron since the damned thing was 3 hours and 15 mins long!  it was well directed, well acted, good cast, but i waited and waited to care about those people and i never really did.  can’t recommend it ~ too long for one thing…

have a good weekend! be back later

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