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when i was a kid both my mom and my dad wore glasses.  bifocals, all the time….  so i am going to blame this post on genetics.  i don’t wear my glasses at home, i take them off the minute i get home from work.  i have a relatively small house so this isn’t really a big problem.  i do have a relatively big yard though.  i have several solar garden lights in my yard.  they are strategically placed so that if i happen to wander out into the back yard after dark without my glasses i can tell where the big stuff is.  you know the stuff that i can trip over or walk into.  railroad ties around the flower bed, the corner of the house, the rocks around the other flower bed, the linden tree, the fence by the shed… the tree with the bird feeder.  now i just need to figure out how to attach one of those lights to my dog.  i also just noticed that the clothesline pole is conspicuously not marked, better take care of that! there could be a bloody nose in my future if i don’t… 


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