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yesterday morning it was around 60* here at 6:30 in the morning ~ this is very unusual for this place, so in honor of the warm weather i took an emergency half day vacation…  i just didn’t want to be at work and miss a nice friday afternoon [my brain shuts down around noon on friday anyway, it’s just my way of starting the weekend early].

i stopped and bought some items to repair my fence on the way home[which i actually got finished this afternoon].  it is 55* here now, also very unusual.  so i worked outside most of the day.  i have a lot of yard work to do before it snows, mostly have to rake leaves and put summer stuff away, but i’ll get it done eventually, or not!  actually remembered to buy some bulbs and get them planted this year… i don’t usually think about it until the middle of february.

my young dog helped me with all my projects today and just a while ago he threw up a plethora of what he had eaten in the yard… looked mostly like wet mulch and didn’t smell bad and was easy to clean up so he isn’t in trouble…  he’s asleep right now.  the old dog just lazed about enjoying his saturday…. he’s also asleep right now.  it’s quiet, just the noise of the keyboard and the clock ringing in 4:30.

i was seriously going to try to blog more this month… this isn’t much but at least it’s a post!   i’m gonna have a glass of wine.  have a good weekend!

p.s. for those of you who haven’t seen the luckiest puppy in the world for a while, here’s an update….



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i’m baaaaack!

hey annika ~ this one’s for you…. [well, you wanted something new]

i went to get my hair colored friday after work  [ it’s a secret] [ha!] anyway, my hair hasn’t been this color since i was, oh, about, 25 years old….  we had to go ‘darker’ because i am finishing up a prescription of simvistatin [generic lipitor] because ‘my cholesterol is high’ ~ my cholesterol has always been high, basically because my good is soooo good that it makes my total high.  which has always been conveyed to me as a good thing, my ratio has always been good ~ anywho, i have about 5 more pills to take and then can go have another blood test and [probably against the advice of my physician] i will be discontinuing the medication and eating lots grapefruit and losing 20 pounds…. which makes much more sense to me than taking the damned medication in the first place and having to color my hair darker because when you are on medication it screws with how your hair accepts color.  apparently, you cannot eat or drink grapefruit while on this medication because, basically, grapefruit does the same thing as the medication and you get some kind of double wammy liver thing….  and it is my editorial opinion that grapefruit and diet and exercise do nothing for making doctors and drug companies lots of money so this would not be the advice a doctor would give someone like me, or anyone else for that matter!

i was in south carolina week before last,  it was 14* [“freakishly cold weather for this part of the country”]  when i got on the plane in augusta to come home i said “i’m taking this weather back to utah with me”…  i was greeted with a loud “good!”  it is now 70* in south carolina…  

when i got home, i put all my snowmen away,  i was sick of the cold.  i had left them up after christmas because they aren’t really christmas decorations and they are rather festive….  it was 2* here this morning, we got about 4″ of new snow yesterday. yes, lovely springlike weather.   my plan of retiring the snowmen for this year did not work!!  i’m still sick of the cold!

the dogs are doing great.  the puppy is growing as a rate of about 10 lbs every three weeks.  the old dog is much more active that he was [he has to be just to keep up!]  they also get along just great… [i was going to insert a video here, but can’t find the damned thing in ‘my pictures’ i’m tired of trying for now.  will add it later when i can upload it] don’t leave me any instructions ~ i know how to do it, it’s just that the gremlins are holding it hostage right now.

i am taking a long [5 day weekend]  i have several projects i’m going to try to fininsh while i’m off… that is if i can still read the list, because the dogs spilled my coffee on it earlier!  i will try to write a little more often….  got lots of dvr’d tv to catch up on too!

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today i was on my way to meet some friends for lunch… it was oh about 5* at the time.  i had a couple of extra minutes so i thought i would stop and fill my truck with gas…  it is a good idea to have a full tank because when it gets this cold the laws of physics cause condensation in a non-full gas tank and then the water produced by the condensation [the condensate] freezes in your gas line and your effing car won’t start…  so anyway, i stop to buy gas, but first i go into the store part and buy a bottle of “heat” which is basically alcohol that you add to the gas tank and it also helps to keep your gas lines from freezing up.  i poured the ‘heat’ into the tank and proceeded to scan my card, remove the nozzle and choose my gas… well the minute i hit the ‘regular’ button, gasoline started spraying all over me!  it took a second to figure out what the hell was going on and then i realized that the little clicker that you can click so you don’t have to hold the nozzle in your tank was engaged and by then i was covered in gasoline.  SHIT!  my coat, my gloves, my jeans, my boots and a good portion of the area around my truck were soaked….  i can’t even remember if i swore or screamed or anything, but i eventually finished filling up my truck and went to meet my friends… 

i called to tell my friend michael NOT to light up a smoke when i got there because i was covered in gasoline.  i had to leave my coat and gloves in the back of my truck and put on a sweatshirt i carry for emergencies keep forgetting to take in the house.  i warned the waitress not to evacuate the restaurant if someone reported smelling gas, it was only me.  they all made jokes about me having gas [ha!], but they had to smell it the whole time we were eating so naner naner on them… 

i have washed my coat and jeans three times and hung them outside until they froze solid…  i have them in the dryer right now on ‘air dry’ because i don’t want to be on the news tomorrow because i put a gasoline soaked coat in the dryer and blew up my house….  i need my coat for work tomorrow ~ it is currently -1* and falling.

if you fill up your automobile take the damned clicker off before you put the hose back in the pump!  [guess i will be checking that myself from now on…]

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winter is finally here! [damn!] i wouldn’t mind so much if i could just stay home and have supplies dropped from a helicopter.  but as it is, i have to  go outside ~ frequently.


i went outside this morning to fill up the bird feeders, i couldn’t get the gate open because the latch was frozen so i just threw some sunflower seeds over the fence and came back in the house.  the birds don’t seem to mind they are out there eating and chirping away.

my living room is almost finished… this is what i have left to do with the trim [gawd! i’m lazy!]


then i have to hang stuff back on the walls.  this is a definite option for today because i do not need to go outside to complete it!   

on second thought i guess i’d better go back out and see if i can chisel the gate open, there are more birds out there than seeds at this point!

[i’m back] the birds are set for a couple of days! [i had to use a hammer to get the gate open]

i know i am whining ~ if A & J are reading this they will probably confirm.  they are currently in upstate NY with no power and no heat ~ so for the time being they can’t tell you what a baby i am in the winter. 

it wouldn’t be so bad, but the winters in ‘utah’s canada’ are sooooo effing long!  [and cold] that’s why i was not a bit disappointed because it didn’t [really] snow until yesterday.  i’m not a skier, i am a real bitch if my feet get cold and i hate anyone that has a garage!

but it is beautiful looking out my living room window drinking coffee from my cup with the snowman.

and the puppy doesn’t seem to mind


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dogs again…

i don’t know if the guy with this truck was expressing his opinion of the state of public education  in utah [pronounced ed-u-ca-tion, not edjacashun] or just doesn’t have any kids, but his bumper sticker made me laugh none-the-less, it says: 

my border collie is smarter than your honor student…

life as i know it has changed…. yes, i did it again.  i adopted an abandonded  puppy.  i was thinking about getting a new puppy for several reasons,  one of which is that my old dog is going to be 13 years old in the spring and i need for him to break in a new dog, show him the ropes, if you will.   i had planned on going to the pound on christmas eve,  but last wednesday a guy at my work called to ask me if i had mentioned wanting a puppy?  well, apparently i must have because that’s what someone else at work had told him.   I said, why, do you have a puppy?

he lives in idaho and last monday when it was snowing and cold, a puppy showed up alone and wet in the field next to his house.   he called all his neighbors and no one had a missing puppy.  someone must have just dumped him off ~ that happens a lot in this area, especially out in the county where there is a lot of farm land.  i call it ‘farmer mentality’, but that’s for another post.   anyway maybe someone was using the economy as an excuse and couldn’t afford to feed him so they just dumped him.  i always wonder what these assholes think a dog or cat is going to eat while fending for themselves, but this puppy hit the jackpot because he is now asleep on the floor at my feet!  and his big brother simon is asleep about 5 feet away…  they have matching collars.

i went to look at him on wednesday and brought him home on thursday.


I had to hug the little girl that found him, because she really wanted to keep him.  she looked so sad when she handed him over, but they already have three other grown dogs.

i honestly forgot how busy a puppy can be, i think both james and i will lose weight.  me running after and james running from the puppy.  nikita doesn’t seem to mind one way or the  other i also forgot that puppies have a direct tube that runs directly from their mouth to their butt.  i am now working on ‘regulating’ his functions,  there are rules, he has to go directly outside upon waking and can not have any food after 7:00 p.m. oh, plus i have been getting up twice in the night to let him out of his kennel. [those are today’s rules, they may change tomorrow].

he seems very smart and is not aggressive, but is also not timid.  he and simon are fine together as long as the puppy does not touch simon if he lays down beside him.  he and the cats are also doing fine [which means james hasn’t beaten the crap out of him and for that i am thankful].  with time they will all establish their pecking order, i will fit in there somewhere.

it snowed again today and he loved playing in the snow.  he and simon have been out about 20 times today and have both been dried off about 20 times also. 


here is simon showing him the best place to pee….  [never fails, they couldn’t just stand there and look cute]


here he is yesterday showing off his new collar and name tag.  i looked him up on the internet and i’m pretty sure he’s a chesapeake bay retriever.  i’m taking him to the vet on tuesday, we’ll see what his best guess is.  if he grows into his feet he should weigh about 65-75 lbs i would guess.  his name is dobie.

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first, i had to take a [very] few minutes to check out my fantasy football teams the golden graboids on fox sports and the equally sucky wildones on yahoo sports…. ’nuff time wasted on that today.  [jess, it’s a good thing i already paid you my twenty bucks, cuz i would be seriously thinking about stiffing you!] not really.

the thanksgiving weekend is almost history {hey! the sun just came out} {damn, it’s gone again, that quick!}  i have a few random thoughts, i actually took notes at some point…

my living room re-model is not quite finished, i  have been staring at the crown molding trying to will it to attach itself somewhere around the ceiling, but it’s still laying on the floor.  it’s painted and just sitting there.  i will figure this out! for some reason the spatial relation part of my brain is vacationing in a warmer climate.  that and the fact that i am vertically challenged [you know short] and i am one stubborn bitch, i want to finish this by myself, dammit!

i had a nice thanksgiving.  i don’t really like thanksgiving, i don’t hate it exactly, just don’t get what all the fuss is about.  i have many many things to be thankful for, but thanksgiving has nothing to do with that. 

i did not cook dinner this year, my assignment was to make a shrimp salad and whip some cream.  [that reminds me, i have some left over shrimp salad and it’s lunch time, i’ll be back in a few minutes…]

i’m back, i brought my notebook ~ i went to my friend i used to be married to’s house for thanksgiving, he cooked, i watched.  we had steaks and baked potatoes, veggies and dip, shrimp salad, pie & ice cream.  we drank beer, played pool and played dice and talked about zelma.  we decided we are both thankful that we knew zelma.  zelma worked in a bar in our home town.  she was friendly and funny and kind.  she had a wonderful sense of humor and wrote down every joke she ever heard in little spiral notebooks.  she used to recite a poem about why dogs smell each others assholes that i wish i would have paid more attention to because it was a classic!  we also both hoped that her son robin saved all her notebooks.  thank you zelma for brightening our lives when i was a college student working as a bar maid and charlie was a college student drinking beer!

i did not, did not, get up at 4:30 am on friday to go shopping!  i did get up at 4:30 am because i could hear my dog puking in the hall… he had an upset stomach because i gave him some left over steak when i got home…  not much, just enough to give him a tummy ache. 

i was so lazy on friday that i forgot [chose] not to leave the house.  i don’t think i even got dressed in anything other than sweats and an old t-shirt.  that is the beauty of 4 day weekends, you can totally waste one day and still have two left over!

the aggies played the last football game of the season on saturday, i packed a bag like i was leaving for the weekend [you never know what kind of weather you are going to encounter, the saying here goes, ‘if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes, it will change’…]  i took a thermos and a cooler!  it was 31* or so at kick off, got colder and warmer and wetter and drier, but long story short ~ the aggs kicked butt! 47 – 2 [and how long has it been since we could say that!? ]   good tailgate, good food, good game, good friends!


the weekend is almost over, my spatial relations brain cells woke up since i started this and i think i have figured out how to do the crown molding.  my house is old and the corners aren’t quite square [many people would say the same thing about me come to think of it!]  i will post some photos of the end result sometime before Christmas!

i am going to find something to eat for dinner, i have ummmm left over vegs, left over chicken wings, left over brownies and a lemon i ended up with after the game yesterday.  maybe i will open a can of soup!

i do have many many things to be thankful for, i am healthy and happy and have many good friends.  i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, however you celebrated.  may we all take a few minutes to think of others at this time of year…  do what you can to help someone, even if it is just a smile, it will come back to you.

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unfortunately, i have about 8000 things that need to be done inside.  oh, you know, like watch football, plus monitor my two fantasy football teams [the golden graboids and wildwons] they both pretty much suck because at least half of  players both my teams seem to be injured… i just had to dump kevin curtis and find someone to replace him on both teams….

then i should be working on my living room project and various other stupid things that need to be done, i have to finish mowing the lawn because i didn’t do that yesterday because i actually just sat around all afternoon listening to football on the radio and watching a parade that went right by my house.  i did score a bag of candy and some crayons and two passes to the miniature golf course and some string cheese.  so considering how bad the aggies got beat yesterday it wasn’t a total loss, i have string cheese.

may just bag the whole project thing and sit outside and read.  this really is my favorite time of year.  it is 77* and not a cloud in the sky, and just a little while ago i saw two golden eagles fly over my house…  would have missed that if i’d been inside.

sometimes meat loaf just sounds good for dinner, like today for instance.  maybe because it’s fall, but i’m having meat loaf for dinner.  i make a small little meat loaf for one [i don’t do left overs] and i’m starving, so i think i will have an early “supper” as my grandma used to say.  sunday supper like at 3:00 pm.  which means i have to go make meat loaf right now!

then i think the dog and i will go outside.

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