i just put a shit load of movies in my netflix queue….  some from the independent spirit awards and some from the oscars.  several overlap which i think is great because i tend to enjoy movies that don’t get much hype.  and [not that anyone cares what i think] i’m going to update my movie review page ~ hopefully more often that i have in the past.  they are on the tab up top ‘movie review’.

dear sally and dino ~

this is an open letter to one of my oldest friends and one of my best friends…. you both left me ~ and if you don’t think we were all connected, it seems [i found out today] that you, dino, died on sally’s birthday…

i miss you both ~ for a bunch of different reasons, but none more important that the fact that i loved you both.

sal, when i went to san diego to see the aggies play san diego state [which turned out to be an ass kicking on their part]  it was the first time i had been to the stadium without you… that wasn’t the most difficult part.  my sweet brother took us to dinner at sally’s and we sat in the [general area] of our favorite table.  the menu [as you know] isn’t quite the same as when we used to go there, but the place is still the same and i missed you being there ~ having a bloody mary and eating  blackened shrimp caesar salad…[without the stinking anchovies]  i had some kind of scallop thing and we toasted you.  then after dinner my sweet brother drove us over to the parking lot by the midway [i couldn’t figure out what was going on] he had a cooler in the [supervisor] truck and he took out some o’doules and opened them ~ when i turned around i noticed that we were right by the hill where we used to watch the parade for the holiday bowl… it was dark and i walked over there with my o’doules and stood on ‘our spot’ and boobed like a baby, i missed you so much!  then a remarkable think happened ~ they started shooting fireworks off of the deck of the midway ~ just like they were doing that for you or like you told them to or whatever, but it was wonderful ~ you know one thing that i really regret, is that we never went to balboa park and laid on the grass with a big pile of one dollar bills and looked up at the sky and bet on what kind of plane would fly over next [like we always said we would]… i promise you that someday i am going to do that and you’d better bet me from heaven, which won’t really be fair because you will be able to see the planes before i do!

dino, i found out today that you died on sally’s birthday, just 3 days short of your own… and you managed to get out earlier than your parole date!  and this time they can’t tack on another 8 years!   i sincerely hope there was a nice stray dog waiting for you on the rainbow bridge and you now have all the things you wanted that you were never able to get in this life…  i am going to write your son a letter tomorrow and see if i can find out where you are buried… i would at least like to know that.  i am [just] a little pissed because apparently you never did let anyone [but me] know what your wishes were.  well, like i always said when i missed one of your phone calls ~ it’s not like i can just call you back…  things are just things and i’m going to quit fretting about it, because it is way out of my control! 

well, my friends, i toast you both, for the things we had and the things we planned that never came to pass.  i cherish all the memories and the love we shared… you were so different and so much a part of my life, i miss you and i know you are both now at peace…  remember when i dream about you, wave and i will wave back!

it was hot, we paid $20 for parking in rio tinto stadium’s tiny parking lot [big mistake, more on that later], got out of the truck and paul mccartney was doing his sound check [right then]  ~bonus! stood in the hot sun and listened…. it was hot, but that was cool.

walked to nearby jordon commons to have dinner, decided on the mayan [big mistake, more on that now]… eating at the mayan is like eating in a cave, it’s dark, it’s dreary, the atmosphere sux, there is a live ‘show’ of half to three quarters naked young men and women diving off the plastic rock cliffs into a plastic rock pond. [not complaining here you should have seen the six pack on this kid] [i’m sure he was at least 18 so don’t call the authorities].  so while it is too dark to see what you are eating you also have to worry about getting splashed by water from the plastic rock pond.  on a positive note, the food was very good, i would eat it again, i just wouldn’t  eat it again in the mayan… AND larry h. miller must have spent a lot of money on coolers because the beer was coooold, really cold, like frosty cold, thanks larry.  it was hot and the beer was cooold.

it’s utah and of course the concert started late, tickets said 7:30 and the concert started at about 8:05 ~ i don’t know if they lied on the tickets to make sure everyone got there on time or what, but since we had nosebleed seats [but pretty good ones] we were in the sun for most of the time prior to the concert starting.  we bought some bottled water from a woman outside “jim’s diner” a little dive a little north of 9400 on state street… [i would like to go check this place out sometime… looked very interesting].  that water saved our lives since they had water in the venue, but the lines were very long and the only thing they were selling inside the stadium was budweiser for $9 a glass [it was a very large glass, didn’t i  buy any cuz nothing says refreshment like a piss warm, flat budweiser]… water in front of  jim’s $1, that was cool.

paul mccartney was absolutely amazing… he played for 3 hours and 15 minutes, never left the stage [actually i don’t think he ever even had a drink of water]…. he played his stuff, the beatles stuff, a little jimi hendrix, wings stuff, new stuff, told stories, talked to the crowd, asked ‘do you wonder why we are using so many guitars?’  “….we’re just showing off.”   he looks like he is still enjoying himself,  if the crowd was really into a song [singing along] he would just keep playing and we would just keep on singing….  he did three encores!  he slowed everything down [twice] and then came back and played ‘helter skelter’.   he told why he wrote ‘blackbird’ [civil rights in arkansas in the ’60s]. he talked about writing ‘my love does it good’ for linda, he talked about writing a song for john about a conversation they would never have and that we should always take the time to tell someone ‘i love you’…

my favorite song of the night was ‘let it be’.  ‘give peace a chance’ maybe a close second.  most fun ~ ‘ O bla de O bla dah’…  he was amazing, amazing!! best concert of my young life and i’m not that young and  i’ve been to a lot of concerts!  best $46 investment i’ve ever made.  that was cool!

when we left the concert there were still folks selling $1 bottles of water in front of jim’s [don’t tell them,  but at that point i would have paid them 5!]

driving to town….

here are a few random thoughts, brought on my random events while driving to town this morning ~ approximately 1.5 miles.

1. where the fuck did these people learn to drive???

2. best yard sale sign of the summer “crap-o-rama 3rd east 3rd south”

3. dude, if your stopped at a stop light on your motorcycle and your garments are hanging out beneath your shorts, the shorts probably aren’t church approved….

4. hey dumb ass [woman on cell phone with poodle on one of those retractable leashes] might want to reel your dog in since it is out in the middle of the street and you are still behind a van and can’t see if there are any cars coming…

5. that was it… i feel better now.

do you ever receive a christmas / birthday present and put it away and never think you are going to use is so you just kind of forget about it /them?

i do do that and did do that with three things in particular, an “as seen on tv” chopper, a smoothie maker and some steak knives.  in the last couple of weeks i drug each one of these items out and used them ~ chopper to make some killer salsa, smoothie maker to make a wonderful blackberry, kiwi and tangerine smoothie this morning and an equally wonderful pama, vodka and grapefruit cocktail just a little while ago, used a new steak knives for dinner [the second outside bbq of the season and this weekend].

i have some good steak knives and some really old ones that my dad appropriated from the NCO club at dugway…  the good ones are nice, but i use them for just about everything.   the new ones are sharp the old ones not so much, but i forgot i had new ones until today, they are sharp and colorful and new! 

my brother-in-law makes this killer salsa, i asked him for some and instead of making some for me he gave me the chopper like the one he uses ~ this was about three years ago, i joined this co-op called bountiful baskets where you can get fresh fruits and vegetables every saturday morning for $15… so a couple of weeks ago i got the regular basket and the mexican add on, which consisted of everything you need to make killer salsa, so i drug out the chopper, got the recipe from my brother-in-law and made some killer salsa [all by myself] with the help of the ‘as seen on tv’ chopper and a couple of shots of tequila!

one of my bestest friends from [well actually from my whole life] gave me a smoothie maker for my birthday last year, it’s been [literally] kicking around my kitchen in the box for 9 months…. i had some fruit left over from the last bountiful baskets pick up and decided to try to make a smoothie this morning ~ it was delish!  i’m not going to use the plastic cups that came with it [i prefer to drink out of glass glasses] but i don’t think i will ever put this thing away again.

i sat down a little while ago to eat dinner and decided to watch something i had dvr’d [once again] i had a difficult time picking because most of the stuff on there was killer slasher crime stuff that you don’t really want to watch while eating dinner [or anything else for that matter]…

i posted a contest on my facebook page ~ it involves winning a choice of one of two $25 gift cards ~ i sometimes write memos at work that involve a free pound of godiva chocolates or some other equally yummy treat in the last paragraph just to see if anyone reads the whole thing.  i haven’t got many bites on my facebook contest, but it’s the weekend so i’m going to leave my contest rules up until wednesday to see if anyone else reads and joins in… the more the marrier!  if not, i have 4 people in the contest now and someone will win!

speaking of facebook ~ i finally watched SNL last night with betty white hosting, it was great!  if you didn’t see it, you should watch it….  i’m just sayin’

i [painfully] came to the conclusion that i can not  [no longer choose to] work in the yard for two whole days on the weekend…  my back yard is a disaster and i’m way behind on the mowing, but my front yard looks great and is once again acceptable.  i’m going out now to pick up dog poops and then i need to mow tomorrow so i can take advantage of the free watering we are going to get on tuesday and wednesday….

check this out just for fun!

organ donor…

i’m in ohio and i just saw the coolest billboard ever… it said:

be an organ donor,  give your heart to Jesus

trust me…. all the philosophy you could ever want or need is written on the inside of the wrapper on a dove milk chocolate… !

do you think if momorn men were allowed to write their own obituaries they would say they enjoyed [some mormon activity] or that they enjoyed drinking coffee with their buds at the local cafe and fishing…?

why is one out of every six coronas skunky???

i have decided that my 15 year old dog [who has been diagnosed with ‘chronic kidney failure’] is going to live out the rest of his days on medication and love and not be taken to the vet several times a week for some kind of treatment… he’s fifteen years old and can still tell how many milk bones i have given him and knows there is an extra one left on the table for him every morning when i go to work…. plus he’s still eating and active and playing with the little dog and he still has the brightest eyes of any dog i know… he’s a little shaky at times, but he’s 15 years old…. ! i love him more than any old dog in the united states of america, probably the world, if not the universe….

posting this now under random shit or whatever tag seems to fit….